Surgery abroad sounds great but ...

Surgery abroad sounds great: you go to a different country, you can feel like on holiday, pay half prices for top quality surgeons, and return back to the UK with new body and bags of new confidence. What could be bad about it?

Lot of people forget that aftercare is just important as the treatment itself; if you speak of cosmetic surgery or bariatric treatment. You come home and a complication can develop, only to realise that the surgeon who performed the surgery is hundreds kilometres away. What are you going to do now?

Many clinics offering treatments to foreign clients don’t bother to make sure you are covered for aftercare. While the best outcome is one which doesn’t involve any unexpected aftercare. All treatments and surgeries come with some level of risk, and it is always important to be covered for every eventuallity.

At MediCzech we know how crucial aftercare is. This is the reason we have several nurses based in the UK that can arrange a home visit or appointment in their clinic if you need any assistance. This is arranged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our OB Clinic offers you the experience of several leading speacialists – obesity physicians, diabetologists, psychologists, nutritional therapists, gastroenterologists, surgeons and more. However, it should be acknowledged that bariatric surgery and treatment are just the start of the process, the aim of which is to improve your overall health. To fulfil this goal in the ideal way, it is necessary for you to acquire new eating habits and comply with recommended lifestyle changes.

To help you to stick to post operative instructions we introduce you to during your stay at our clinic in Prague we would like to meet you our bariatric nurse based in the UK.

Judith Jobling is a registered General Nurse and oversees all nursing matters that arise within NOSC. She brings a wealth of experience, gained from a career working in the NHS and private and commercial sectors in the UK and abroad. With a professional interest and empathy for Bariatric Nursing, she is well placed to work alongside our surgeons and gastroenterologists. She complements both the medical team and the support team. Judith is a Registered Midwife and has an Honours Law Degree. She has been published in Nursing Law and she sits on the Lap-Band Advisory Board. More details here

We offer post operative care in cooperation with Judith for our clients after gastric plication, gastric band or Intragastric balloon. More information about specific treatment upon request.

Don’t forget the bariatric treatment is only the start of your new life. To achieve the best results and desired weight loss you will have to follow all instructions till the rest of your life. To help you get through the first most difficult weeks we offer you this packages in your own language and your country.   

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