“My flat chest had bothered me since secondary school, but back then I still held some hope that my breasts may yet get bigger. It proved to be a false one. I definitely did not consider plastic surgery at that time. I thought that was only for celebrities. I did not need big breasts but I felt like a part of my femininity was missing”, says Lenka, who had her breast augmentation done at the OB Care Clinic in Prague.

Women consider cosmetic breast surgery for many reasons: unsatisfactory shape, small volume or sagging due to nursing or weight loss. This can lead to mental and sometimes physical issues. Breasts are a symbol of femininity and sexuality, which adds even more importance to the question: yes or no to plastic surgery? 

“In my early twenties I became more interested in cosmetic surgery, but it still wasn’t a realistic option for me. I just thought it was an ‘unnecessary’ and expensive body alteration. The fact that I don’t like hospitals also played a part”, Lenka says about her initial fear of cosmetic surgery.

A visit to our clinic and free consultation with the experienced surgeon Martin Skála changed her mind.  “The consultation went wonderfully, I was able to touch the implants and ask any questions regarding my surgery. I left the clinic very excited. The interiors were really nice and the staff friendly. It did not feel like going to the doctor at all”, Lenka explains about her decision to have the surgery done at OB Care Clinic.

A personal consultation is necessary to ensure that plastic surgery brings the desired results. During the consultation, the surgeon will not only consider your wishes but also your anatomy, skin elasticity and other circumstances. He will choose the optimal shape and size of breast implants and walk you through the surgical procedure. All clients need to undergo pre-surgical examinations including breast sonography. 

“We chose tear drop implants because I wanted my breasts to look as natural as possible. The brand’s long market presence and medical studies showing a low post-surgery complication rate convinced me”, Lenka says.  

“One of the main quality criteria for breast implants is their safety and tolerability. Implants are exposed to many influences and physical stress in the body, from everyday exercise to trauma or traffic accidents. A safe implant should withstand almost any load it could be exposed to. The implants rank among the best on the market and regularly undergo a series of tests and further monitoring in follow-up studies of thousands of female subjects”, MUDr. Martin Skála, plastic surgeon at OB CARE, explains. 

Women aged 18 years and more can undergo breast plastic surgery. Experts recommend scheduling the surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding. These special events in a woman’s life are likely to leave marks on her body and could negatively affect the outcome of your surgery. 

Two years after her surgery, Lenka shared her feelings with us: “Since the operation, a lot has changed for me, but mostly my feelings and emotions. I don't show off or let anyone know that I had a surgery. My inner confidence is what matters to me. The feeling of lacking a piece of my femininity is gone. I no longer have to wear high-cut T-shirts and wonder if everybody can see that I have no breasts. I feel as natural as if I had always had these breasts. I can exercise as I’ve always done and my implants do not limit me. I have not encountered any negative reactions. Nobody but my friend who has known me for a long time could tell that I had the surgery done. My family was a little worried as, after all, it is a surgical procedure. Other than that, they reacted very positively. They knew I had been upset by this so they supported me. I definitely do not regret my decision. My only regret is that I did not make it sooner. I recommend it to all women who have the same problem as I had. I am very satisfied with the work of Dr Skála and I will not forget the wonderful environment and nice staff at the clinic. Thank you for everything”.

Breasts before the breast augmentation surgery. 
Breasts 3 months after the breast augmentation surgery. 

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