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We are proud that OB klinika and OB Care clinic are part of Ribera group and Vivalto Santé since 2019. More than 25 years of national and international experience in medical field make our clinics reliable partner for your journey to your new life. 

OB Klinika is part of the multinational Ribera Group, which has been a public and private provider of health services since 1997. The group manages hospital projects and specialized health services in Spain, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.
The main shareholder is Vivalto-Santé, the third largest private healthcare group in France, operating 50 hospitals and clinics. Its social commitment is in line with the goals of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.
In the Czech Republic, these include the OB Clinic and the OB Care Clinic. The background of this large group brings to the clinics the know-how of modern healthcare and support for further excellent work and development of the clinics.

In the OB Care clinic, we offer a wide range of procedures in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. You will find us in a quiet part of Prague, in the modern premises of the OB Klinika, a top modern and internationally acclaimed surgical clinic. Our center is thus part of a top medical facility with above-standard equipment. You can rely on excellent facilities, first-class technology and the assurance of absolute safety. Medical professionals from various fields will take care of you 24 hours a day.

We have been awarded a prestigious Patients' Choice Award from Treatment Abroad!

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Every day there is a team of top experts for you

Thanks to the fact that we are part of the OB Klinika, we are ready for any demanding procedure or unexpected situation. After all, surgery is just an intervention in the body. Everyone is different, they react differently to anesthetics and unpredictable complications can occur. However, thanks to the top facilities and medical equipment, we are ready for everything.

World-class care on a global scale

Doctors do not go to the OB Care clinic only as part of their operating plan. Plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists and other specialists are here for you every hour, every day.

During any intervention, even after it, you will receive exceptional care, which is not common even outside the borders of our republic. We judge by dozens and hundreds of foreign clients and patients, who often come to us from a great distance. It should be noted that the Czech healthcare system belongs to the top in Europe and for foreign clients (as well as for the Czech one) our center offers first-class care at affordable prices.

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