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MediCzech team

We'll tell you how to get rid of gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia. It is not an issue talked much about, but it is rather widespread. It affects up to 40 % of adult males and up to 75 % of teenagers. In teenagers, it is often caused by transient hormonal imbalance. 

When nature is too generous

Having a few extra pounds may not always hurt. Fuller shapes are attractive, as well as a full décolletage, which is aesthetically pleasing in girls. Sometimes, nature is too generous and an excessive bust leads to back and spine pain and is restrictive in sports activities.

Correction of Scars After Caesarean

The joy of having a baby can hardly be spoiled by any scar. In addition, medicine has improved and the scar looks like a thin line in the bikini area, which will become a fine silver thread within a few months, almost imperceptible without closer examination.

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