Jakub Kníže M.D., aesthetic surgeon at OB Care Clinic, focuses on the whole spectrum of procedures. Aesthetic breast augmentation using silicone implants is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Another option is breast uplift, which can help sagging breasts regain their shape. The breasts are lifted and remodelled to appear more youthful. 

Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation is most commonly done using breast implants. The implants are inserted in a prepared pocket, usually under the large breast muscle. Either round or anatomical implants can be used. It is best to schedule the surgery from autumn to spring. 

After the procedure, the patient should wear a post-surgery compressive garment such as compression bra or chest band, if needed. The underwear should be used for four to eight weeks, depending on the extent of the surgery. 

Breast Augmentation - before the procedure
Breast Augmentation - before the procedure 
Breast Augmentation - after the procedure 
Breast Uplift - before the procedure
Breast Uplift - before the procedure
Breast Uplift - after the procedure

If the patient prefers not to have implants inserted, there are still ways to give breasts a fuller shape. If medical imaging reveals no local finding, natural breast ptosis can be “reversed” by mastopexy or breast lift. During this procedure, the breasts are lifted and excess skin is removed. This should result in a fuller and more youthful look. The breast volume remains the same. 

If a patient is interested in filling specific breast contours or minor augmentation, but is hesitant as to whether classic implant augmentation is for her, lipofilling or lipografting could be an option. This method utilizes the patient’s own fat from places where there is a relative excess of it to fill the breasts.

It is the least demanding type of breast augmentation considering the procedure duration. The recovery is, however, not as easy as after breast uplift. The percentage rate of early post-surgery complications is about the same with augmentation and uplift. Long-term complications after breast uplift are close to 0. With augmentation, the rate of long-term complications can be a tiny bit higher. Most late complications can be addressed with a correction.

Jakub Kníže M.D. during surgery 
Jakub Kníže M.D. points out that all patients need to take some time out during recovery. “Easy housework and a physically undemanding job can be resumed about two weeks post-op. The patients should also make sure not to strain the chest muscle groups and avoid raising their arms higher than shoulder level for a few weeks. Heavy lifting, breast muscle training and other exercise should be postponed to as late as two months after the surgery”. A sports or post-surgery bra is also a must. Like with most other surgical procedures, breast uplift is best done in the colder months of the year.

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