Our mission is to change your body and make your dreams come true. We have your health, beauty and comfort in mind. And the unisex K-Pad, which is inserted under the postoperative garment, will greatly increase the comfort after procedure.

The K-Pad pad primarily prevents undulations and bruises on the skin in the operated area (for example, after abdominoplasty). The K-Pad will also help you maintain an upright posture.

"It is important to wear a compression belt after a tummy tuck. This somewhat unpleasant duty will be made more pleasant by a pad that is worn under the compression belt. The K-Pad is mainly intended for greater comfort and safety of patients, as it evenly distributes the pressure of the compression belt, prevents possible pinching of the skin between individual strokes of the belt and reduces the possible risk of pressure from the edge of the belt."

MD Martin Skála
Cosmetic surgeon OB CARE

The result of the operation is also in your hands

We appreciate the trust you place in us and we strive to repay it with 100 % professionalism. Before and after the procedure, we always sit together and discuss the principles of recovery in detail. Only by following the post-operative rules will the result of each operation be perfect and you will be completely satisfied.

Part of these rules is the wearing of compression underwear. We give you this immediately after the operation, including the K-Pad, and everything is included in the final price of the procedure. The K-Pad for a more comfortable recovery is available in black.

Interested in tummy tuck? We are happy to assist.

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