Michal decided to undergo a gastric plication surgery after several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. He underwent it together with his partner, with whom they supported and motivated each other.

How was his experience with the OB Clinic and how does he feel now that he is almost 50 kg lighter? We interviewed him.

"In the past, I managed to lose weight, but the pounds immediately came back."

Our client Michal before his surgery 
Michal after his succesful weight loss
"After the procedure, I lost weight from the original 127 kg to 72 kg."

How many times in your life have you tried to radically lose weight? What was the effect?

"I have tried to lose weight many times in my life. I always managed to lose a few kilos, but they always came right back on."

What led you to the OB Clinic and to the hands of our specialists and doctors? What was the biggest impulse or motivation?

"I live in a shared household with my partner who was very overweight. I was originally looking for a solution for him. Only over time did I realize that we could actually motivate each other."

How did you prepare for the surgery?

"I did not particularly prepare for the operation; I took it as a banal procedure. Of course, we both did research on what happens during the operation and after it. We found a lot of information on Facebook, where there are very pleasant people who will gladly answer any question."

How would you rate your condition after surgery? How much weight did you lose thanks to bariatric treatment?

"My condition after the operation was absolutely fine. Already on the third day after the procedure, we went on vacation. I was a little afraid that we wouldn't be able to resist the temptations there in the form of barbecue, grilled meats and the like. But we resisted and we are proud of ourselves for that.
After the procedure, I lost weight from the original 127 kg to 72 kg. But this weight was borderline. I did not feel well.
Now I've been at 80kg for 2 years and I feel great."

How do you assess your situation from a health and social point of view?

"I rate everything very positively. I feel much better. For example, I also suffered from excessive sweating. Now everything is completely normal. "

How do your surroundings/family see the weight loss?

"My family supported me as much as possible and still does. Many people hardly even recognize me now. I also see how great it is to go, for example, to a clothing store and buy what I want. I couldn't do that before."

What would you recommend to others who have not yet decided on bariatric treatment and are hesitant to turn to specialists?

"I recommend the operation to everyone. My friend also underwent it on my recommendation and she is now completely satisfied. If you are hesitant about surgery, you have nothing to worry about. It's just about your mindset, nothing else. There are wonderful people at the clinic - nurses, doctors and support staff. Thank you, OB Clinic, for a new beginning."

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