Gastric adjustable balloon is suggested to patients in the obese class I (BMI over 30). The treatment prevents

diseases caused by obesity and helps improve the patient’s quality of life and decrease mortality.

For patients with morbid obesity (BMI over 50) the intragastric SPATZ balloon is used for weight reduction prior to another kind of restrictive surgery.

All the pre-operative tests are done at the OB clinic.

The special price for SPATZ GASTRIC BALLOON 1,550 GBP/2,000 EUR applies ONLY for date 12 December 2016. (HAS FINISHED)

This balloon is inserted for one year. The price includes all pre-operative tests, insertion and removal of Spatz gastric balloon, one adjustment, 1 night at the clinic. 

In case you are interested in the whole package, please specify your requirements when applying. 

To learn more about the treatment and diet instructions go to this page

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