We do not decide whether or not to undergo plastic surgery in one day. It is usually a long-term desire that needs to mature and is influenced by a number of factors. One of them may be the trust in the doctor - surgeon. Without it, we can hardly put ourselves in someone else's hands. And the key to this trust is esteem, respect, and also open, serious conduct. We expect that we will be directly told all the pros and cons associated with the selected intervention, so that we are able to make our own free decisions. The surgeon should be there for you to answer your questions and professionally explain all the benefits or consequences of the plastic surgery procedure, including possible complications. We have written down all the essential information about the postoperative period in the following lines about one of the most popular procedures - breast augmentation with implants.

Easier recovery thanks to tightening underwear

Plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia with hospitalization. When you wake up after anaesthesia, you will experience the convenience of the clinic and the constant supervision of surgeons and nurses. After the surgery, your breasts will be covered with elastic bandages with suction drains. These are usually removed the next day and only the dressing is left on the wounds. You will be given an elastic bra, which will become your necessary accessory for the next two months.

Compression garments should never be removed. Perhaps only during pressure massage of scars your surgeon should teach you, and during showering (a long bath should be avoided for some time, as well as visits to swimming pools as they are associated with a risk of infection). In addition, you must follow the recommended resting regimen and avoid sport and more demanding physical activities. We also recommend sleeping on your back. You should not lift heavy loads or raise your hands above your head. Be careful when your children welcome you after returning home from the clinic or when shopping. “You will undergo a check-up with the removal of the dressing and stitches (unless absorbable material is used) approximately 1-2 weeks after surgery. The final outcome of the procedure will be visible only after 2-3 months. Meanwhile, you will need to check for unpredictable complications,” says MUDr. Martin Skála, plastic surgeon at OB Care Clinic.

Complications after breast augmentation

Your surgeon always does his/her best to prevent complications. But nature is a powerful sorceress, and unfortunately we sometimes can't predict how your body will heal. After all, it is an intervention affecting your body, and your body must deal with it. Augmentation may be associated with complications such as capsular contractures (thickening and contracting of the fibrous layer around the implant forming a capsule). In addition, rupture (gel leakage) may occur, or the implant may move. We must emphasize that the vast majority of clients do not have any of these complications. They are usually caused by serious injuries, strong breast compression or trauma, but they do not develop if you follow our instructions on the resting regimen above.

What to expect after breast augmentation with implants

Our client Lenka, who had the surgery a year and a half ago, has spoken about her feelings. “Since the operation, a lot has changed for me, but mostly my feelings, emotions. I don't exhibit myself, nor do I make it clear to my surroundings that I had a surgery. It is more of my inner feeling. The pressing feeling that my femininity was missing something has gone. I don't just have to wear high-cut T-shirts and wonder if everybody can see that I have no breasts. I feel naturally like I've always had those breasts. I do sports as before and implants do not limit me. I have not encountered any negative reactions. Only a friend who has known me for a long time knows I underwent the augmentation. My family was a little worried because it was surgery after all, but otherwise their reaction was great because they knew how my condition bothered me so they supported me. I definitely do not regret the decision! I regret that I didn't undergo the procedure earlier. I definitely recommend it to all women who have the same problem as I had. I am very satisfied with the work of Dr. Skála and I will not forget the wonderful environment and nice staff at the clinic. Thank you for everything.”

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