What should be in your fridge for weight loss?

What should and shouldn’t be in your fridge if you have decided to lose weight? Take our advice when shopping.

Guilty pleasure foods you choose right after opening the fridge or pantry can completely ruin your weight loss plans. They tend to have an array of strong flavours and contain lots of fat, sugar and salt. They are full of calories, but will only leave you satiated for a while. “When you decide to lose weight, you should get rid of junk food such as cookies, crisps, salted nuts, candy or chocolate bars, basically all foods packed with calories but lacking nutrients to relieve hunger”, Petra Šrámková, obesitologist at OB Clinic, recommends.

I recently remembered Dr Šrámková when I kept pacing between the pantry and the fridge and looking for something sweet after lunch in vain. I did not feel hungry at all, but the cravings were very strong. The rule to throw away all junk food has paid off. If I had bought my favourite chocolate wafers on sale the day before, I know exactly what would have happened.

How to keep hunger at bay?

If you are looking to lose weight, your fridge should especially include food that has a low calorific value but can keep you full. High protein content is crucial in this aspect. “Passing through the gastrointestinal tract, proteins that produce incretin hormones activate the cells of the small intestine. These travel to the hunger centre in the brain, which lets you know that your stomach is full”, Dr Šrámková explains. 

Another important diet component is fibre. Even though it has little to no nutritional value on its own, it helps regulate the 
digestion of fats and carbohydrates. It also binds with water and expands its volume, which leads to satiation. 

Stay away from XXL packages

It is important to watch your shopping habits. Don’t let yourself be tempted by convenient XXL packages – unless you are a family of eight, they will make you eat more than you need to. Otherwise the food could spoil... Precooked meals are also problematic because they usually contain lots of fats and carbohydrates. Home-cooked meals are definitely your best choice. If you make more portions, you can easily put them in containers and freeze them. 

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