Obesity is not just a problem of the size of clothes, but a chronic disease. One treatment option is bariatric surgery.

The story of Miss Romana, who lost 30 kg due to professional care and surgery.

It was her father, who persuaded Romana to contact experts. She weighed 96 kg and she started to have health problems at the age of 27. Gastric plication surgery performed by the doctors of the specialized OB Clinic in Prague, helped Romana.

“The patient was referred by an obesitologist to undergo bariatric surgery. She has suffered from obesity since childhood. She tried repeatedly, virtually constantly to lose weight by exercising, dieting and using anti-obesity products. She reached her maximum weight at the age of 23 years. At the time of her first visit at our clinic in January 2014, her BMI was 44.2 and she already used anti-hypertensive medication. She was indicated for gastric plication surgery, which was performed in spring 2014. Her blood pressure normalized very quickly after the surgery; the patient has been losing weight for 4 years since the procedure, initially faster, but still continuing till today. Currently, her BMI is 31.2. The patient now has an excellent weight and she has significantly reduced all the risks of possible co-morbidities.

The reason why she is very successful is her ability to adhere perfectly to the recommended eating and drinking regimen. The reason why the regimen can be adhered to for many months is the reduction of the stomach after the operation, but the hormonal changes of the gastrointestinal tract that occur just after the operation are also particularly important. These changes can positively influence the part of the brain - the hypothalamus, which controls the amount of adipose tissue. ”This is the story of Miss Romana as described by MUDr. Petra Šrámková, head of the OB Clinic.

What brought you to weight reduction? How did obesity limit you? Why did you decide to undergo the treatment?

I slowly started to have health problems, dyspnoea during normal activities, early diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. My parents had diabetes, and I knew it could cause big problems. My mental condition got worse as well. I had a bad feeling about myself. I hated to go to places with a lot of people who I didn't know.

My dad, who had the same problem, advised me to consult experts.

How long have you fought your weight? How long has it been since the surgery and how do you see your decision to undergo the treatment at the OB Clinic?

I have had problems with weight since elementary school. The biggest weight gain occurred after I started working. I underwent the surgery in early 2014. Before the surgery, I visited my obesitologist, nutritional therapist and a psychologist for some time. I attended sports classes for obese people, I kept an eye on my diet, and took the pills prescribed by my doctor to prevent the body from absorbing most of the fat.

How did you feel after the procedure? Do you have any physical or any other limitations now?

The first month after the surgery was difficult for me because of the postoperative regimen. It was hard not to resist my urge to eat. But on the other hand, the first steps were seen very quickly thanks to complying with the regimen and I was happy. There have been no limitations after returning to normal food except for the size of the portions, which are rather small. Now I feel like a new person. I'm more self-confident among people, I'm happy with myself, I like shopping for new clothes, which was a rather unpleasant necessity before the surgery.

Is movement important for you, or is it rather changes in your diet and eating?

I think it was the change of diet and eating that helped me the most, but sport is an important part as well.

Are you satisfied with the outcome of the treatment and subsequent care? What does the subsequent care really consist of?

I am fully satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. I didn't believe it would have such a big effect. I look forward to the follow-up with the head physician. The nurse always weighs and measures me and then I have a shorter interview with the head physician. 

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