Everywhere you look, you can see skinny models and buff body-builders. The cult of slimness has become a modern idol, but the need to lose extra weight can not only have aesthetic but also health benefits. 

Conservative weight loss methods tend to be better known. If you only have a few extra pounds, you can probably succeed on your own or with the help of a personal trainer. Severely overweight and obese people should always consult a professional. At the OB Clinic, you can rely on a team of experienced physicians who will examine and interview you to choose the optimal path for you to reach your goals. A well-balanced change of diet, exercise, adoption of a new lifestyle and sometimes also medication can help you lose weight more easily. Being under supervision can motivate you to try harder and give you the sense that you can always lean on someone or ask for advice. 

Some patients do not respond to conservative treatment or cannot pursue it for other reasons. This definitely does not mean the end of the world because bariatric surgery is today a common and advanced technique with great results, especially in patients with more severe obesity categories. There are several types of bariatric surgery and it is always important to conduct an initial interview, which allows the surgeon to choose the best method.

Gastric plication is a modern type of bariatric surgery aiming to reduce the gastric volume, effectively disabling the patient from ingesting a large amount of food at once. The gastric wall is folded inward and stitched in place to reduce gastric volume. The advantage of this method is that it is easily reversible at any time and being laparoscopic it does not leave any large scars. Gastric plication is suitable for persons with a BMI over 35, after repeated failure of conservative treatment. 

A gastric band is among the best-known methods of bariatric surgery. Like gastric plication, the procedure is reversible and does not permanently alter the gastrointestinal tract. A band dividing the stomach into two smaller sections is placed around it to prevent the patient from eating a great amount of food in one serving. The band is formed by a silicone cuff equipped with a soft balloon, which can be filled with liquid in an outpatient procedure to regulate gastric volume. The surgery is suitable for everyone with a BIM over 35 and health issues associated with obesity. 

Malabsorption procedures, such as biliopancreatic diversion, reduce the ability of your gastrointestinal tract to digest and absorb food components. A large part of the intestine is bypassed so digestion only occurs in its final section. This allows you to eat bigger portions after the surgery than with the previous methods, but you only digest a part. Drawbacks include mandatory medical checks, medication to supply critical nutrients and a high protein diet for the rest of your life, but the procedure is among the most effective and successful weight reduction methods. 

An intragastric balloon (BIB) is one the newest and least invasive methods of bariatric surgery. During the surgery, a silicone balloon filled with liquid is placed in the stomach, taking up some gastric volume. This helps reduce food intake and speed up satiation. The procedure, which takes less than an hour, is performed in an outpatient setting. It would be suitable for patients who cannot undergo any other type of surgery for a variety of reasons, but still need and want to lose weight. 

Weight-loss surgery can help you improve your overall health, reduce blood pressure and manage metabolic disorders or diabetes. An initial consultation, which you can easily book online, will help you understand what options are available to you. 

Would you like to know what your BMI is? You can now use our BMI calculator to find out. It can show you whetehr is the time to look out for help with weight reduction.   

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