Read about invasive and conservative methods of scar treatment

The joy of having a baby can hardly be spoiled by any scar. In addition, medicine has improved and the scar looks like a thin line in the bikini area, which will become a fine silver thread within a few months, almost imperceptible without closer examination. Of course, it depends on the particular case. Unfortunately, caesarean sections performed in the past and some of the more difficult surgeries can create a bigger scar, which becomes annoying over time when wearing swimsuits, every time you look in the mirror, or even during intimate moments with your partner. It is necessary to go for its correction, which removes your inhibitions and helps you achieve beautiful skin again.

Remember, the appearance of a scar is often determined during the first few months. So if it has been only a short time after the delivery or you are just going to have your baby, you have the opportunity to achieve excellent results. How to do this on the following lines. The first line of treatment includes non-invasive methods - pressure massages, lubrication of the scar etc. And only when the scar is mature, is it possible to treat it with laser or plastic surgery. In any case, there are several options.

Conservative methods of scar treatment

You can start recovering and smoothing down the scars almost as soon as you return from the hospital. Of course, you should be very careful and gentle A shower is sufficient during the first few days. Massage the scar with a gentle stream of water. In the meantime, when it stops being uncomfortable, add pressure massage with the palm around the scar. After a few weeks, your doctor will invite you to remove the stitches and you can start pressure massage right on the scar (when the scar is fully healed, i.e. mostly in the 3rd week after the surgery). Press your scar for about 30 seconds until it fades. When the blood support of the scar resumes after about 15 seconds, you can press it again. Repeat this process for 10 minutes several times a day.

Hydration and lubrication are further non-invasive methods of achieving smoother and less prominent scars. Special creams, silicone gels or tapes that seal the upper part of the tissue, have anti-inflammatory effects and moisturise the skin will help you. Although these creams do not work miracles, they are important helpers for calm maturation of scars. We recommend that you lubricate the scar at least twice a day for half a year after the surgery. 

“Rest, plenty of sleep and a resting regimen greatly affect beautifully healed skin and tissue regeneration. Do not forget follow the post-operative recommendations, and, of course, your doctor's advice,” says MUDr. Jakub Kníže, member of the plastic surgery team of OB Care clinic. 

Surgical solutions and laser procedure

If the scar is too mature (about half a year after Caesarean and longer), non-invasive, conservative methods do not work well. The time is right for plastic correction or laser treatment. The advantage of the laser is its gentleness. Basically, it is also a non-invasive method. A corrective dermatologist will help you with it. The scar will fade after multiple sessions and laser treatments and your skin will get smoother.

Very old scars cannot be treated with laser. In such cases, we recommend plastic surgery. It is a surgical procedure that creates another scar. However, it is not as pronounced as the original scar. This method is used very often especially after Caesarean and the results are usually very satisfactory.

We complete our list of ways to treat a scar after Caesarean with corticoids. These are used in case of excessive growth of collagen fibres, which is manifested by scar bulging. In such a case, corticoids are injected directly into the scar, where their anti-inflammatory effect is important in alleviating the excessive reaction of the body. This method, like the ones stated above, can be combined with other methods to achieve truly excellent results. Our aesthetic medicine experts will be happy to advise you. We invite you to a personal consultation!

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