Cosmetic surgeries and working at the clinic, closer look

Hello Adel, how are you? I would like to ask you what was so interesting about plastic surgery that you were dragged into it?

Hello, I am doing well. I was following Mediczech on Instagram when one day they posted job offer ad and because I already had very good and pleasant experience with clinic I though it would be a great place and opportunity to work in medicine environment. You are on the way with your clients to chase a dream of better, healthier and flawless body for themselves. Where plastic surgery can make your face prettier, younger or can easily start new path of your life where you can loose weight and be better version of yourself. So if I can see my patients after with such great results it just brings me joy and I am truly happy for them.

What is your working experiences which now help you on this work position?

Back in the days I was always after jobs where you are constantly meeting new people and dealing with different situations, so when I was working as a consultant for entertaining company during my colleague studies, it was really good opportunity how to learn a lot of stuff for future jobs. So in for instance in my previous job I used similar techniques and skills mainly with clients and communication with them. 

So do you have any experiences from overseas? I am asking because you are in contact with clients from abroad on daily basis.

To be honest I have never had job where you speak just Czech. For many years I was working like independent kitesurfing instructor, where I used English regularly and mainly improved my technical sport slang. Because it was just seasonal work I had to find another jobs, which where somehow linked with it so I was also working in tourism and hospitality for over like 12 years. I spoke not just English, but also basic Italian and when I started working in one hotel in Germany I learned basics of German. But of course my main language was English at that point when you realised that you are also thinking and dreaming in that language, so it becomes your new mother language.

You have been working for the OB Care and her sister company Mediczech since the beginning of last year, can you tell me what are yours work task and duties there?

Long story short, I am medical tourism coordinator which means communication with clients, doctors and a lot of paperwork. I also arrange flights, transport and accommodation for our clients and if they travel alone I try to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as I can, so they don’t feel tired or stressed before the surgery. After that I go through paperwork and aftercare instruction with them. Our team of coordinators is really consistent and every member participate to provide the best possible help to our clients or even colleagues to get best results from the very first chat with our client through whole process till the successful end.

In feedback messages from our satisfied customers I can see they are mostly happy with your straightforwardness, your enthusiasm and knowledge of our clinic team. So can you please tell me in detail what else do you do in the OB Care and how can clients meet you?

Definitely you will meet me when we arrange consultation meeting and the range of tasks is pretty wide, because I am also assistant of plastic surgeon and in that case I calculate surgery price offer for client, arrange dates of surgery, meetings for pre-surgery check ups and helps with best place where to do that.

If you are already client of the OB Care clinic, I pick up our clients and help them to prepare for the surgery. It is not always easy, sometimes occurs that client forgets to mention any old medical, surgical or aesthetic intervention from her/his past and me with doctors have to deal with it and find suitable solution if possible, because even the slightest detail like fever blister, allergy can change everything and in that case the client in that moment is not able to take such intervention as the plastic surgery is, even though he came to us with such wish. At the end we take care of patient's health and life. So if things go not so smoothly and we have some after surgery complications or even if everything was without anyissues I stay in touch with our clients and monitor them and their condition. Nowadays in era of internet and smart apps it is not a big issue to advise our patients what they should do and how should aftercare looks like.

It seems like you have knowledge of each single case which was done in our clinic, you must also knew everything about every history and stuff about clients history from a-z if you can so impressively advise our clients with such high level of informations. Did you have to undergo extra studies or get lessons with practice and certificates to get on that level of medicine knowledge?

I try to get as much information about patients and her/his case as possible as I mentioned before it helps a lot. I did not extend my medical studies anywhere, nevertheless if you work on such prestige and modern clinic the amount of information comes by itself automatically. Of course if you are keen to learn new things and absorb new knowledge, so if you would asked me question about gastroenterology 12 months ago, I would tell you something, but not much, but today I can even tell you details and show you how duodenum looks like. 

Plenty of clients from overseas visit the centre of plastic surgery the OB Care, couple of them comes from a very far away places as the US or Canada or New Zealand are. What do you thing why are clients such as these chosen OB Care? How would you compare and rate aestheticial surgery from Czechia and from overseas? Is domestic one different or even better in some cases than the one from other states?

Definitely. Clients from overseas come to us because of our good reputation, great references, professional and friendly care and average prices. Sometimes for them its less stressed than go to neighbour town where they have medical centre with heaps of doctors and nurses but no individual care, everything is set up for mass and quick help otherwise you have to wait and wait if you want some extra care and still you have to pay same price or even more in some cases.

At the end just one last simple and little bit personal question. What would you tell us about you and your hobbies?

My days in personal life are pretty short. If I do not ride on my longboard in Troja, I sit home and read books or do many different activities with my almost 4years old son, who grows up so fast that he becomes my buddy for everything. I love food especially Japanese art tables or sushi.

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