Gynecomastia. It is not an issue talked much about, but it is rather widespread. It affects up to 40 % of adult males and up to 75 % of teenagers. In teenagers, it is often caused by transient hormonal imbalance. And that may be good news, because the breast asymmetry will disappear after a few years. While older men face long-term and sometimes painful breast enlargement. And that's nothing to boast about. Men's breasts are simply a taboo. But you can defeat this forbidden issue. Discreetly, quickly, permanently. We have specialists at the OB CARE centre, such as the renowned Dr. Martin Skála, who will give you valuable advice.

After finding the cause, we will also find a solution

Unilateral or bilateral gynaecomastia can be caused genetically. Or it can have many other causes - for example:

  • various health problems (increased oestrogen levels, liver problems, metabolic disease or, in extreme cases, cancer)
  • use of certain medicines (various diuretics, medicines used in the treatment of ulcers or heart disease, etc.)
  • addictive substances (steroids) 
  • accumulated subcutaneous fat (pseudogynaecomastia, often comes with age and overweight)
We will help uncover the real cause of your difficulties at our consultation. A consultation by an endocrinologist or breast ultrasound are also required. All this to reveal whether the gynaecomastia is caused by an enlarged gland or accumulated fat. And once we find the cause, we will find a way out. Sometimes hormonal treatment or exercise may work; sometimes we recommend fast and gentle liposuction or gynaecomastia - therapy with the same name as the disease itself. 

Learn more about your treatment options

Therapy of gynaecomastia

This proven method reliably restores male breasts to their natural shape. The procedure lasts approximately 1 hour, it is performed under general anaesthesia and the result is visible immediately after the surgery. 


Liposuction treats the deposition of excess adipose tissue in the breast area. This procedure is gentle and does not leave visible scars. It lasts approximately 1 hour and is performed under general anaesthesia.

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