Tereza decided to make a drastic change not only for her family's sake, but also for her self-confidence. Therefore, she listened to her friend's advice and searched the Internet for surgical treatment options for weight loss. Thanks to the procedure at the OB Clinic, she lost 43 kg and enjoys not only her new figure, but also a better social life. Read about her experience with a gastric plication.
"In the beginning, I didn't really deal with the extra pounds."

How many times have you tried to radically lose weight and how successful was it?

"It's true that in the beginning I didn't really care about the extra pounds. My husband didn't mind, and I excused it to myself with thyroid disease, which really started my weight gain, but of course not on such a scale. After each birth, I had some extra kilos left over, then added the psychological problems that were related to the diagnosis of autism in my oldest child, and that was it. When I overcame a difficult period and the pounds started bothering me, I started losing weight. The most successful time was when we bought an older house and worked there from morning to night. I lost about 20 kg. But then I tore the tendons in my ankle and couldn't move, so I gained back the "beautiful" 25 kg. And that was the moment I told myself that I was going to be fat forever."

Tereza before her bariatric surgery
Tereza before her weight loss surgery

"My life changed after the surgery."


What led you to the OB Clinic and to the hands of specialists and doctors?

"It's because of my friend Rebeka, who herself underwent two operations. She has had an unsuccessful gastric band and then gastric bypass. She gave me the first impulse. She herself started weight loss at 160 kg, twice. Her body reflects that too. Rebeka advised me not to wait for anything and go for surgery before my weight is too high. So that my skin can handle it better. I listened to her, got on the Internet and looked for a clinic that would be best for me and that cooperates with my insurance company. I found the OB Clinic."

What was the biggest impulse or motivation?

“Definitely my children. So that I can keep up with them and not huff after a few steps like a steam locomotive. Of course, my husband was a part of my motivation a bit, too. I wanted him to have back the woman he met years ago. And I have to admit that I also did it a little because of my self-confidence. Health hasn't played much of a role for me yet, I didn't have any problems then, so I didn't deal with it much."

How did you prepare for the operation?

"It's true that I didn't prepare much. I kept to my meal plan, got used to regularity and learned to drink. But that was probably all, because I didn't have much time. I chose from the cancelled dates, so it was a relatively quick process. I called for a consultation for the first time on Thursday and went to the clinic the very next Monday."

How do you rate your condition after surgery?

"Great. The operation went without complications. I had no problem with any food. So, I got in shape soon. And since then, it's been better and better. I am energetic and vital. That's the biggest benefit."

How much weight did you lose thanks to the treatment?

"On the day of making my appointment, I weighed 120 kg. When I went to the consultation, the weight dropped to 117 kg, but that was due to nervousness. On the day of the plication, I was 114 kg and now I am 71 kg. So, a total of 43 kg."

How do you assess your situation from a health and social point of view?

"You can't even compare that. My health improved by 100%. Although nothing bothered my physical health, when it comes to mental health, the change is incomparable.

And socially, it's also different. People don't look down on me anymore, but they just talk to me and perceive me better. A job interview is no longer hell for me, but a completely normal situation that doesn't throw me off a week ahead."

Tereza is very happy after her weight loss surgery 
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