Story of David - Desired six-pack at last!


The desire of many men is a beautifully crafted belly. But getting it is a demanding and lengthy business. Or it can be obtained through one procedure?

We can read the story of David who shared his impressions of liposuction of the abdomen with us. It was not entirely for free and we do not mean just money. The procedure was preceded by a lifestyle modification.

Why did you decide for liposuction?

I've been sporting since childhood, doing karate, skateboarding, riding a bike but after twenty-six years I started storing fat on my stomach more than elsewhere. I changed my diet and started walking and running regularly. After five years when my physique began looking how I wanted it to, the only thing that wasn't changing was my stomach. I found it demotivating. I decided, at 38, to undergo a liposuction.

Were you afraid of the procedure?

Frankly speaking I don't know why I didn't get it done earlier. I thought I had to get rid of that fat with sports and a healthy diet, but after consulting cosmetic surgeon Martin Skala MD, I found out that I just had a disposition and my body fat was placed in the lower abdomen more than the others.

Were you well informed about the procedure in advance, or did you feel surprised at the event?

I was briefed by Dr. Skala to the last detail, plus the procedure was very well described on the clinic's website and their Facebook page (where I now enjoy watching news.)

How did the procedure work?

You are asleep during the procedure and after awakening you're already prepared everything - drinks and meal. But seriously, it was nothing complicated. I wasn't afraid of anything. You get an elastic bandage that you have to wear for about 5-weeks, which, for me, was worse than the entire liposuction.

How much fat did the plastic surgeon remove?

It was six hundred milliliters. He pointed out that more than three liters would not be sucked off during one operation anyway.

How did your recovery work? How long have you been wearing the elastic garment?

Actually, I was not good in that: I wore it for fourteen days, but since I went to Asia where the heat was, the belt could not be worn. I also wanted to swim and do jogging. So I wore it at least in the morning and evening when the temparature was not that high. And for the night. But I wasn't very good patient, as always. 

Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes, I like to practice and run, so now I can finally see a six-pack after training, and that's a nice feeling.

Have you changed your lifestyle any, now?

I still drink wine, that didn't change, and I always eat healthy meals. I have one day a week when I allow anything (a cheat day), but I am otherwise sporting regularly and eating healthy. If I get my abdomen fat back again, I'll just go back and get liposuction again and in the next thirty minutes. I will have my problem solved.

I recommend this clinic and this procedure to all who have similar problems with only a certain problem area. Liposuction is not a solution for a general obesity.

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