Some fat pads cannot be removed by regular exercise or guaranteed diets. Some of them respond only to the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon. By the way, plastic surgery is the fastest way to get rid of fat pads on the abdomen, hips, thighs or elsewhere on the body. So if you decide on surgical intervention, you will not make a mistake for sure. However, a procedure such as liposuction is not the end of your entire reduction programme. We can say the programme starts with it. To maintain (or improve) your dream curves, it is important to change your lifestyle.

Maintain your beautiful figure after plastic surgery with a healthy and tasty diet, regular exercise, plenty of rest and joy of life.

Basic recommendations allowing you to maintain your figure after plastic surgery.

1.     Plan!

The basis of the right diet is regularity. Plan several smaller, but high-quality portions for each day, so that you never starve. Take care when choosing food and have only small side dishes. 

2.     Fruits or vegetables with each meal

Replace 1/2 of the side dish with a portion of vegetables. Or if you prefer, you can try fruit. How about a fruit salad?

3.     The composition of food during the day is crucial

Divide your daily intake into 4 - 6 servings. So don't skip breakfast or snacks throughout the day. This is the only way to avoid the improper choice and size of meals which you will make when you get hungry. The biggest meal of the day should be lunch and dinner should consist of proteins (meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes) with vegetables.

4.     Keep an eye on the nutritional value of your food

Do you know whether you eat enough high-quality proteins, suitable carbohydrates, minimum of unwanted simple sugars and the right fats? Unfortunately, most people can’t navigate in the structure of a correct diet. We eat a lot of fat; women eat a lot of carbohydrates with inappropriate composition and also cheat on proteins. Young girls replenish their energy with fast sugars, which results in the hated love handles despite their generally slim figures. So keep an eye on the nutritional value of your food so that you don't lose the curves you worked so much to achieve.

5.     Make sure you move regularly

Never forget that every step and jump helps your health. Movement increases the proportion of active matter in the body (muscles) and thus supports the basal metabolism. In other words, you burn the energy you receive and improve your physical and mental condition. However, not every activity is suitable for burning of fat. Pay attention to adequate movement intensity, duration and regularity.

6.     Get plenty of rest

You won't lose weight without sufficient sleep! This is another piece of information that people often neglect. So enjoy 6 to 8 hours of sleep to regenerate your body. Do not forget that the right time to sleep is at night when it is dark. This is because of the association to the hormone melatonin, which, among other things, regulates the metabolism of nutrients.

7.     Minimize negative stress

Judge for yourself what upsets you and drives you crazy at work or in your relationship. Then try to avoid these moments and situations. It is a slow process, but you can learn it. In short, consider your interests and do not let negative thoughts win.

8.     Try new foods and dishes

This is perhaps the most fun rule of your regime, after exercise. Have you tried a fennel or lentil salad? Pumpkin purée, mung beans or sprouts? No? Learn how to prepare and cook them properly, in a healthy and fast way. You will see that there are many meals you used to think you wouldn't eat, that you will eventually grow to like!

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