I couldn’t recommend Dr Skala or his team more highly

In 2019, I accompanied my wife for her surgery at OB Care Klinika in Prague. I was taken back by the level of support she had received in terms of actually booking this surgery, as it had been discussed at great detail via email and photos and every step of the entire process had been planned according to her needs. She received a detailed itinerary that not only included pre-operative instructions for her whilst still in the UK, but also specified those vital details such as collection from Prague airport and transport directly to the clinic apartment we were booked into (which was absolutely fantastic; spacious, modern and complete with a kitchenette). The itinerary also included specific details about her surgery, recovery, stay in the hospital, further recovery in the apartment, transport back to airport at the end of our stay, and even aftercare once back in the UK. There was nothing for us to worry about, other than booking our flights!

We spent the first night in the apartment and the next morning we were met by Adela, who had been our point of contact throughout (and has excellent English). I accompanied my wife through all her pre-op tests (blood work, ECG, and so on) and I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of care she received throughout. The facilities in the clinic were spotless and of the highest standard.

However, it was during my wife’s consultation with Dr Martin Skala, that I realised how fortunate she was to have him as her surgeon. He was not only totally professional, but also very honest, realistic and not at all pushy. My wife was understandably nervous, and Dr Skala (who speaks perfect English) took time to reassure her and discuss her concerns in a warm and friendly manner (rather than the aloof and superior way that some consultants adopt). My wife had lost a great deal of weight and needed several procedures (she could easily have been talked into multiple procedures at once), but he focussed on promoting her best recovery and insisted on one step at a time. It was this ‘health rather than profit’ approach that confirmed the ethics and ethos of Dr Martin Skala and OB Care Klinika and made me feel completely comfortable about my wife’s surgery.

As expected, the whole process was a success, and after two nights of exemplary care in the clinic hospital, where Dr Skala had personally checked, cleaned and dressed her wounds, she returned to the apartment to recover further.  Everything had been so organised and professional, and I started to consider my own body and something that had bothered me for years. I had always been slim and was a regular at the gym, but no matter how much I worked out, I could never get rid of my ‘man boobs’. They weren’t huge, but they did bother me, especially at the beach, swimming or under certain tops. Dr Skala had made us feel so comfortable during the original consultation, that I felt confident to bring up my concern at my wife’s final check up with him before we left. The only person whom I had ever spoken to about this issue was my wife, but I felt completely happy to discuss it with Dr Skala and once again he was exceptional. I didn’t feel embarrassed and he was so supportive; he completely understood my feelings and reassured me about the commonness of this problem. Despite the fact that I was not booked in for my own appointment, he took the time to examine me and discuss possible options for me to think about in my own time; no pressure, no ‘sales’ just accurate and honest information, given in a friendly and empathetic manner.

Once home, my wife recovered well and after several months we began to discuss her next procedure and also mine. Once again, we exchanged many emails and photos, and received our detailed itinerary of procedures. Adela and Tina had managed to book us in so that we could share a hospital room together after our surgeries which was brilliant. Dr Skala had explained that Gynecomastia (man boobs) could require liposuction or liposuction with breast tissue removal, and I felt completely comfortable for him to make the decision on the best outcome during surgery. He is in excellent shape himself and I could tell during my consultation that he really understood my ‘problem’. I’ve never had surgery or general anaesthetic before and although my wife’s experience had been superb, I was still a bit nervous, but as before, all the test and pre-op examinations were excellent and the anaesthetist was not only fluent in English but also really reassuring, friendly and professional. My operation went really well, without any complications; I had excellent pain management and was not in any discomfort. The only problem we had in the hospital was getting vegan food, otherwise all the care was excellent and Dr Skala came to check on me himself, change my dressings and discuss my surgery and results. I had only needed liposuction, so I had a tiny hole on each side of my chest, just a couple of millimetres, and these healed in a week. I was given an elasticated top that supported my chest during recovery as some movements were sensitive; it was really comfortable so not a problem to wear. I waited the six weeks advised before I returned to chest weights but was able to do normal exercise after 2 weeks.

My wife’s recovery was also excellent, and it was so nice to have the procedures and recovery together.  I couldn’t recommend Dr Skala or his team more highly, there are all exceptional and so well organised. The difference in me is amazing, my chest now looks great and I can see my pec muscles clearly, no more ‘man boob’. I can wear anything I want, or nothing at all, with complete confidence. I wish I had done it years ago, it was so affordable, so easy and so quick, but the results have genuinely changed my life.

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