Even if everything else may be visible, these parts must remain hidden. The most intimate, the most sensitive, and the most sensual… yes, we're talking about nipples. Even if the woman was naked, covering her nipples is close to being dressed. Nipples are a symbol of femininity, motherhood and sexuality. To show them off is a great challenge for a woman… Even before herself and her partner.
Nipples are very important. We care about their appearance and the appearance of the areolae. It is then clear that we will make use of the options of aesthetic medicine if anything is wrong with them.

What can be adapted?

•   the shape and size of areolae
•   too prominent nipples
•   inverted nipples, caused by shortened ducts leading to the top of the breast


All of these issues can be corrected in plastic surgeries. The plastic surgeon may perform the treatment of areolae and nipples in a separate procedure or as part of a breast uplift or breast uplift with reduction. We do this automatically in these procedures. There are aesthetic aspects, so that your breasts are as symmetrical and beautiful as you have dreamed them to be. Both procedures are performed by all our surgeons. You can learn more about them here

Consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. 

Cosmetic surgeon Martin Skála MD during a surgery. 

Therapy for inverted nipples

Nipples are the imaginary icing on the cake ... the chest. If inverted, they spoil the entire silhouette of the body. Fortunately, there are many ways to correct problems with nipples. 

Of course, it is easiest to start with a conservative approach in milder forms - pulling the nipples with massages. However, this method is not pleasant for women with sensitive breasts and the effect is not very good. Therefore, it is preferable to proceed to a permanent and truly effective solution - plastic surgery.

The surgery can be performed under both local and general anaesthesia. It takes about 50 minutes. We make various incisions on the sides of the nipples to make them protrude. And sometimes we also cut the ducts (tubes that connect to the lactiferous ducts leading to the nipple). This will ensure an even better result, but limit breastfeeding in the future on the other hand. That is why we do this very rarely, or if the woman does not want to be a mother again.

The scars are very short, fine and inconspicuous after this surgery. Postoperative care is not complicated. You should avoid only direct pressure on the nipples - for about 14 days. So don't fall into your husband's arms as soon as you get back from the clinic. 

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