What distinguishes normal sweating from a sweating disorder? Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, is difficult to express in numbers. The matter is very individual. But if you feel weak after sweating or keep sweating profusely without an apparent cause, it is time to address the problem.

When you cannot wear a shirt to work without getting your underarms soaked with sweat or have a date without your partner knowing how nervous you are, it is time to consider seeking professional treatment. 

A simple, non-invasive and fast (15 minute) procedure can rid you of unpleasant sweating for 6-10 months. It will help you prevent awkward situations and, if you feel like the result was not enough for you, you can have it done again for a more prominent effect.

During the procedure, a small amount of botulotoxin is applied under your skin, usually in the armpit. We realise that this area is very sensitive, but there is no need to worry. No matter the client’s pain threshold, we always give you a local anaesthesia in the form of numbing cream. This also applies to hyperhidrosis treatment for the back, feet or forehead.

What is the best time of the year for hyperhidrosis treatment?

Any time. The procedure is easy and undemanding. There are no precautions you have to take or restrictions to your everyday life afterwards. You can go about your day like always. The effect will become significant in 2-10 days

Are there any contraindications or risks?

Only a tiny amount of botulotoxin is needed to effectively reduce sweating. It is not dangerous to your body and no general risks of its application are known. The procedure, however, cannot be recommended in pregnancy and during breastfeeding, in inflammatory diseases, antibiotic treatment, diabetes, blood coagulation disorders and thyroid diseases. You also always need to let your physician know if you are using any medication.

Can I use deodorant after the surgery?

Deodorants prevent body odour, but do not reduce sweating as such. So if you wish to continue using them for their scent, you definitely can. There will be no need to apply antiperspirant after the procedure, but you can if you want to without any impact on your health. This applies to any cosmetics, soaps, creams and perfumes.

Up to 90-100 % of our clients are very happy with the effectiveness of botulotoxin. It offers an elegant and safe solution. Sweating as a physiological reaction is not of much use to the modern man. Sweat glands can be “put to sleep” without any harm.

Do I have to shave my armpits before the surgery?

Yes, please. There is no special preparation for the procedure, but shaving your armpits and applying deodorant will make it much easier. Topical numbing cream will be applied to the area and a professional will use a tiny needle to apply botulotoxin under your skin in a few painless steps.

Can I exercise after the procedure?

Generally, yes. Botulotoxin treatment of hyperhidrosis is as undemanding as aesthetic procedures get. You can literally pop in at the clinic during your lunch break and walk away a few minutes later without any restrictions. The injections take effect gradually and you are free to take part in any daily activities.

We only recommend avoiding intense workouts and physical strain on the day of the application. It is also advisable to leave sauna, steam baths and indoor tanning sessions for later.

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