Who Is It For?

Excess loose skin can be caused by loss of elasticity related to ageing or major weight loss following a diet or bariatric surgery. Sagging skin can be unattractive and impractical. The areas most commonly affected are the arms, back, thighs and, sometimes, the buttocks (especially in the case of women). 

How Is It Done?

The incision is made in the appropriate area, then the skin and underlying tissue is loosened, tightened and the excess removed. If necessary, the muscles are also tightened. During suturing, non-dissolvable or dissolvable stitches are used; non-dissolvable stitches must be extracted, while dissolvable stitches are absorbed by the body naturally, leaving a fainter scar.


The operation (arm lift, thigh lift or back lift) is performed under general anaesthesia and takes from one to two hours. 

After Surgery

The body lift surgery (arm lift, thigh lift, back lift) requires minimum one overnight stay, but even two or three days can be recommended by the surgeon given the fact that it is absolutely necessary to limit movements and not to strain the operated area. It is also advisable to repose for a two-week period. Medical elastic clothes are worn after the operation.

Back To Normal

Following uneventful recovery, it is normally possible to return to physically easy work and resume customary activities (excluding exercise) within two weeks of the operation. Normal physical activity, including exercise, can be resumed four to six weeks after the operation.


The operation can be combined with liposuction of the operated area which ensures a better result with no excess fat deposit remaining after the surgery.

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