Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Trends in Plastic Surgery 

To find out about the trends in plastic surgery, the most troubled boys and how even elf ears can become an object of interest for aesthetic treatment, you can read our interview with Tina Halirova.


Can you characterize your clinic and why is different from the others?

I have been working at MediCzech and the OB Klinika for about three years and I must say that I am enjoying the work here. During this time I have visited several competing clinics and ours is that - normal, not so sterile. Our team is mostly younger, so here you can hear not only the mainstream music J.. plus coloured operating theatres are also saying something about a different approach.

Your clinic is progressive and tolerant of the LGBT community, which is the natural evolution of today, what do you think?

But this is probably normal in 2015, right? Maybe not everywhere, I know....I do not even think that there would be any difference between homo and heterosexuals. I have many long term friends from this community and I would give for them hand in the fire.

What are the trends in plastic surgery?

Trends are concerning new methods and procedures. The main topic today is the speed of the procedure, minimizing invasiveness and especially going home as quickly as possible and getting back to work. Therefore many people do not stay more than one night at the clinic, but ideal would be no nights. These requirements correspond to procedures under local anaesthesia - eyelid surgery (very popular with both men and women), liposuction, ear surgery.

What remains similar for all nationalities and gender are the motivations and reasons for undergoing aesthetic surgery: an effort to look younger (either due to a partner, work, friends...) or to have a sexy figure in clothes or a swimsuit. The new look will also supply the missing confidence and even courage to do new acts.

What is the weirdest request you have had regarding plastic surgery?

I just dealt with one woman and I was answering her questions about plastic surgery for the nose. After a few questions, she asked me if we could also perform the surgery on her ears – but she did not want just normal ears. When she sent me a photo of the desired shape - in the picture there were elf ears.

Does plastic surgery help also the soul?

I think that it definitely does. I recently heard the story of mother who found her son crying in front of the mirror, because he had protruding ears and became a laughing stock at school. Here it certainly helps! Of course, that our doctor MUDr. Martin Skála personally has an interview with all clients before every operation and if the treatment is really needed, the  problems can be successfully solved. Conversely, when it comes to consulting someone who obviously doesn’t need a facelift and it happens, we turn the client to other professionals. In short, breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend cannot be solved with having a cosmetic surgery.

And this happens?

Yes, sometimes it does. In any case the personal consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is very important. We cannot always perform what the client wants. They cannot always do what the client wants. The surgeon must take into account the attributes and characteristics of skin, proportions of face or body, the feasibility of the procedure. The surgeon decides only after meeting someone in person!

So we can say that the surgeon should have the eye of a sculptor?

You could say that. Lots of plastic surgeons have some sort of art or craft as a hobby. For example our doctor Martin Skála is an artistic blacksmith.

What do you think are the major concerns for the boys and what do they come with?

At our clinic, we have roughly two groups of men. The first is about the age category 18 to 25. They ask for ear surgery, abdominal liposuction or male breast reduction. The second category is older, those are men around 40. In this category we mainly solve plastic surgery of eyelids, nose surgery, but for example they also need liposuction of the abdomen or thighs.

It seems that nowadays it is not a problem to remove any imperfection immediately.

Plastic surgery is not a panacea. For those, whom it is recommended to lose some weight first, we can offer a help. Our specialists from the OB Klinika gladly help not only with the preparation of the diet and the correct ratio of necessary substances. A well-composed diet is truly an alchemy! Nowadays, chemical food is very complicated to follow the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Did you know that you have to exercise one hour to get one McMuffin out of your body? 


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