The story of Laura about breast augmentation with Mentor implants

The story of Laura about breast augmentation with Mentor implants

I havent ever had a big breast but they were full and had a nice shape. After giving birth followed by nursing my breasts changed significantly and so I didn’t hesitate to undergo breast surgery. There are so many different clinics and if it’s not a field you’re familiar with, it’s hard to decide. The price was an important factor but I mainly cared about the approach of the staff and the surgeon, the clinic itself, its equipment and services. As a mother I needed to feel safe and be reassured that everything will run smoothly without complications. I bet all new moms know the feeling.


I contemplated for a very long time about which clinic should I choose and I checked the offers of many institutions. After some careful deciding I chose Mediczech in Prague. As one of a few that felt like a „classic” but high standard hospital. The consultation date was set and I headed over there. The consultation took about half an hour and we went through all my questions. And I had ton of them! I received the first informational materials about the surgery and the implants by email before I headed to Prague. So, I could prepare well and I knew what to ask.

My breasts were never large

After the consultation with Dr. Skala we’ve decided for an option appropriate to my body type and following a natural look (drop shape implants). My wish was to have my breast natural looking as I’m fairly small and slim. We chose the Mentor implants. There were few reasons why I chose this brand. Apart from the 30 years plus experience with implant making, there was a study proving that Mentor implants have the lowest rate for after surgery complications. I want my body and anything that is going to be placed in my body to be safe-that’s the number one priority. The warranty of the product- a company guarantee of reimbursement for many different kinds of complications-was also a very convincing factor.

Part of the pre-op examinations was a breast ultrasound. I’ve never attended a similar examination and I was a little bit worried. Mediczech offers the examination as a part of the package. That was again another convincing factor that I chose the right place. Dr. Skala explained during my consultation that prior to the surgery he must know that my breasts are healthy without lumps or tumours.  Even though I thought I was too young for cancer or this type of examination he convinced me otherwise. Fortunately, everything was fine and I was ready to go for my surgery.


I headed for my surgery a day earlier because I had to be at the clinic at 7:30am. At the reception I met with an assistant who explained to me everything and calmed me down. I had met her before at the consultation and so it was sort of comforting to see a familiar face even I hadn’t slept much that night. I paid for the surgery, signed agreements for the surgery and anaesthesia and headed for one more consultation with Dr.  Skala. We reaffirmed what we talked about before, I received compression underwear and the assistant took me to the room. Everything was clean, well-organized and nice. Gown for the surgery and compression stockings were ready on the bed, I got changed right away and prepared for the surgery. Everything was included as I was told and that was also important and calming. 

Thanks to doctor Skala and the whole team everything went smoothly and without complications. I have to highlight the approach of the entire staff from the start to the end. Everyone was very nice, willing to help and I felt like they do care about me as their client.

Because of my experience I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this clinic to anybody.


Thank you Mediczech


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