Remove obesity from your life, says Prof. Martin Fried, head of OB Klinika

Obesity is not a cosmetic problem, it is an illness!

Around half a million people in the Czech Republic suffer from 1st or 2nd degree morbid obesity, with a body-mass index (BMI) over 35. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and joint disease are other illnesses which are related to diabetes and decrease life expectancy. Professor Martin Fried, head of OB Klinika - Centre for Obesity Treatment, says: „When you compare the population without obesity to those with obesity, those with are 8 times more likely not to reach an average life expectancy, and are likely to die on average 10 years sooner.“

Why should I start to cure my obesity?

It has been shown that obesity shortens life expectancy and decreases quality of life. People who suffer from obesity are sick more often than normal, and they have more problems with other illnesses which also threaten their lives. Current medicine offers us plenty of options to successfully treat obesity. The first, main and the hardest step is to make a decision that you really want to solve this problem and you want to do something about your illness. The prospect of improvement or even complete cure of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol or losing joint pain, and the possibility of participating in walks and sports with children or grandchildren, are some of the reasons that the decision can be taken.

Could amateur attempts to lose weight endanger our health?

We live in the age of the Internet and social networks. Every day we see that users are offered a number of "guaranteed" methods and recommendations of how to lose weight. It is really necessary to look thoroughly and deliberately at all information available. If you suffer from light overweight and you really hold a reasonable diet – thats means you eat basically everything but smaller portions – and you are not fundamentally ill, perhaps diabetes then you would have to not be particularly at risk for yourself. If someone stops eating and drastically reduces food intake or starts using "guaranteed" methods to lose weight it can cause significant damage to health, affecting for example the digestive tract, kidneys or liver, as well as other organs.

Furthermore, an obese person may lose some weight in couple of weeks, but if the diet is stopped there is a 90% chance that there will be a yo-yo effect, and that person is likely to put on weight again.

 When losing weight requires a specialist?

Obesity is a serious chronic disease which requires treatment by specialists. When you start to feel pain in your knees you usually go to an orthopedist and when the heart starts to hurt you go to a cardiologist. So if a person has a BMI of around 30, they should undoubtedly go to a specialist for obesity, especially if the patient also has diabetes or high blood pressure. The doctor can offer you a professionally assembled diet, exercise routine and psychological support eventually.

In the case of higher levels of BMI the person should visit a specialized centre. The advantage of this center is cooperation with the team of doctors from many specialties, such as internist, psychologist, nutritionist or gastroenterologist. Treatment of obesity must be comprehensive - only then it is possible to fight obesity successfully.

Who is it a surgical treatment of obesity - ie. Bariatric surgery for?

If a person has a BMI over 35 and reducing regimes works only for a short time, it is time for the surgical treatment of obesity. This will ensure not only weight loss but also its long-term maintenance. The operation has also significant benefits when performed on diabetics who do not have as high a BMI, as it often leads to dramatic improvement or even cure of diabetes. It helps even those who must use an insulin.

The general trend is that bariatric care should be concentrated in specialized centres, which are equipped technically and personally. An obese person is not only huge but it has many specific risks and needs. But they always deserve respect and great understanding.


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