Postoperative garment significantly affects the outcome of the surgery!

Perfect result of surgery is not only about the skills of plastic surgeons or the correct choice of implants but also the quality of postoperative garment, which is an essential part of the recovery period. 

Why is a postoperative garment so important? We asked Martin Skála MD, head of cosmetic department at the OB Care clinic.


"The compressive bra helps to stabilize the implants and minimize swelling and bruising. Thanks to this bra the postoperative period is less painful. I recommend my patients to purchase two bras immediately after surgery, especially in terms of hygiene. While one bra will be washed, their new breasts will be secured by a second piece of compressive garment. And this is very important especially in first few weeks after surgery!"

The postoperative bra must be worn for a period of 4-6 weeks after the procedure. The most popular and recommended bra PI special for this speriod, thanks to the cotton and seamless material ensures the patient a feeling of comfort immediately after surgery. Doctor Skála also recommends the PI unique as a second phase for a postoperative care. "This bra is very popular among the patients for their design, colour variants and front opening. It is ideal not only for the period of recovery but also after its completion. Perfectly suited for sport and other leisure activities."


LIPOELASTIC® compression garments are manufactured in the Czech Republic since 2002.

All the materials they are made of come from the European Union countries and they are granted by certificate of OEKO-TEX, so do not contain any harmful substances.

Quality materials and perfect processing LIPOELASTIC® bras are not only popular among plastic surgeons but also among many patients.

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