Jitka nad her story with gastric band


"I struggled with obesity since the birth of my first daughter in 1989. During pregnancy, I gained 36 kg and weighed a total of 86 kg. I began following a drastic diet where I ate only one meal per day, which consisted of fruits and vegetables. I lost 10 kg, but after three months I gained it back – plus more. Even when I exercised, I didn´t lose any weight. That's why I started taking Adipex. While taking Adipex I lost 16 kg. Then I became pregnant again. During pregnancy I gained 11 kg, which I left in the hospital. 

So after birth I weighed 70 kg, which was the weight before the pregnancy. After my maternity leave, I got a job in a bakery and I gradually gained weight until I reached 90 kg. Exercise did not work and I started to have problems with my spine. I started a weight loss program under the direction of a general practitioner but without any effect. The weight continued to steadily increase until I reached 110 kg. My weight limited me in movement, so then I started thinking about the gastric band. 

A general practitioner recommended the OB clinic. Initially, I was concerned that I must stop eating entirely, because I would be required to drink a lot of liquids. However, this fear was baseless. After I was accepted to the department, I wanted to give up and go home. But eventually I changed my mind. 

I had the operation on 20th December. After my release from the clinic, I prepared a Christmas Eve meal for my family and I felt good. I had no cravings for Christmas goodies. For dinner I ate only yogurt. Support from my family was very important and helped me a lot. I do not suffer any disinclination toward food or other problems. 

At present, I maintain the weight 60 kg through diet and exercise. Today I eat everything except bread. My husband is proud that I did it. "

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