Interview with Karolína, your personal assistant


What's the best part of your job? What do you like the most about it? 

"Well, the best part of my job is to see people happier. This part comes mainly after some months have passed and I can see their after-photos with the big changes. It also happens when I am reading their stories about how much better they feel after surgery. In the case of plastic surgery or bariatric treatment, they are turning to us because they don't like something about themselves. So when I see and read that it helped and they really feel better, I am convinced that our work makes sense."


If you hadn't become (your job role now), what do you think you would have been? 

"Actually, I never thought that I would ever work in health care because it is not exactly my field. But I studied communication, so I am still pretty close to my specialisation. I really like meeting new people from different countries and also listening to their life stories. But back to the question- I would probably work in the field of media or for some PR agency."


If you were going to treat yourself to some surgery, what would you have done? Or have you had some done already? 

"Those are interesting questions. I have never had any surgery and I don’t plan to at all. You know, I am not a brave person, so at first I would probably rather try some natural way to change myself."



How do you prefer to relax after a long day? 

"The best way to relax for me is to turn my brain off and to be with friends, cook some new meals, visit some exhibitions, or go to the cinema. What I love most is to travel and explore different countries. I also like to exercise, running in particular. And today after a long time, I found out that the very best way to relax is to take a bath.:)"



Why should people choose Mediczech? 

"In my opinion, Mediczech is a reliable and efficient company that is fulfilling dreams. There is a very nice and friendly atmosphere at the clinic, and the people who work there really care about their jobs. I think Mediczech offers fair prices for very high-quality services. If I needed some surgery, I would definitely choose Mediczech."
Karolina with her favourite clients

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