Interview with Tina, our customer manager

Tina Halířová, the first person you meet at Mediczech (OB clinic). Please familiarize yourself with her:

"As Customer Manager, it is in my heart for you be satisfied, it doesn't matter where you come from."

Kristyna Halířová holds the position of Customer Manager. She is a graduate of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Pilsen and she gained valuable practical experience while working in several marketing and sales departments. In 2008, she moved to Canada in order to examine life in a new environment and culture. It was one of the best experiences of her life so far. Since 2012, she has worked for MediCzech, which is dedicated to medical tourism. She has had extensive training on the health services and surgical procedures performed at the clinic.

Read the interview with a smiling Kristyna, manager of customer care. Learn about health tourism and the work of Mediczech and OB clinic.

Kristyna, you've studied Social and Cultural Anthropology. What attracted you to this field?

"I have always enjoyed the history and theory of society, so for me, anthropology was the clear choice. Anthropology opened my horizons, I gained a new perspective on human culture and society. The fact that no culture is better than another suits me today and always. Every day I meet different people with different cultural backgrounds and it is good to know what to expect from whom, how to interact with them, and how to get along well. As Customer Manager, it is in my heart for you to be satisfied, it doesn’t matter where you come from."

After studying, you worked in marketing and business. How did this experience help in your current profession?

"Actually, everything in this job fits me quite well. But on the other hand, I'm still learning new things - it could be a new offer for cosmetic surgery or the promotion of our services through social networks or the internet. Developments are happening so fast, and there are constantly new things to learn. For English clients we have, for example, an entire website, which must always be updated and attractive. So if we want a lot of clients, there is always something to do."

In 2008, you moved for a time to Canada. How did you like it?

 "So far it has been the best decision I've ever made. At the time, I didn't have a boyfriend, I had finished school, and I had a job where I worked 12 hours a day. At one point I stopped and told to myself, “No, I don't want to work this much when I am so young.” So in just two months I decided to go, packed my things, and flew across the ocean. Personally, I would call my experience in Canada two years of holiday. I learned what I could do and what I'm capable of. It was the best school of life, and in addition I learned a new language. It's such a beautiful experience to go abroad...I highly recommend it to all! "

Since 2012, you have worked for MediCzech. What exactly are you doing there?

 "MediCzech is an agency for health tourism. At OB clinic, we also offer surgery to English-speaking clients. As I mentioned previously, for overseas clients we have a website in English, which must be kept up-to-date. For English patients, I am their first contact at the clinic. I provide clients with the first consultation with one of our doctors by e-mail, I explain the terms of surgery at the clinic, and I assist with accommodation and transport. After the client's arrival to Prague, one of my assistants welcomes them and explains the whole process. Then I personally meet them at the clinic before their surgery.”

“We hold various events and campaigns - photographing and filming videos. Also important is communication with clients after they return home. I stay updated on the healing process and offer assistance if they have any problems or questions. And if they are finally satisfied, I'm glad for that as well. Then sometimes I get a thank-you note or postcard from abroad, and it makes me happy."

In the testimonials, which are posted by satisfied clients of Mediczech, your name is a growing phenomenon. They really appreciate your willingness to help, accessibility, and knowledge. Where can the clients and patients of OB clinic or Mediczech expect to meet with you?

"Clients will hear my voice on the phone if they call our toll-free number, or they will see my photo in the e-mail if they send us a request via the form on our website. We also participate in consultations with doctors, so I meet anyone who comes to us for an appointment with Dr. Skála or Dr. Zárubová. And I welcome each client upon their arrival to the clinic for surgery. Therefore, the chances of meeting me are great, and nobody has a chance to escape me!" Kristyna says with a smile.

You have extensive knowledge about comsetic procedures, and you can also advise your clients. Did you have to extend your medical education?

"I did not. Everything I know is from study materials provided by the clinic, and then also the acquired experience of working with clients. As I say to my assistants, all the better to remember and learn by just trying things out yourself."

Tina with her Mediczech team

Tina with her Mediczech team

The Plastic Surgery Center in OB clinic is requently visited by foreign clients, and some of them travel very far - for example, Mr. Jonathan from New Zealand. Why do you think these patients chose Mediczech? And how would you compare the level of domestic and foreign aesthetic medicine? Does Mediczech have something better?

"From conversations with our foreign clients, I confirmed that price is the number one point. Even with airfare and accommodation for a week, we are still approxiamtely half of the price. Also, they don't need to wait many months for the operation, as in the UK. It has also been mentioned that our doctors and staff have a different approach that is refreshing. They are amazed that Dr. Skála can explain everything during the consultation so that they fully understand the procedure and what to expect.”

“A lot of foreign clients combine their operation with a holiday. For example, Jonathan took a tour throughout Europe and then he ended his holiday at our clinic. His father picked him up after surgery, and then they flew back home together. Everyone also praises Prague as a beautiful city."

And finally, one personal question: What would you tell us about your private life?  How do you spend your free time?

"I like movement and I grew up in the gym, actually. I played basketball for many years and also handball for a while. In my free time I do yoga and pilates, because I sit for long hours at the computer and it causes back pain. Two years ago, my husband and I bought a very energetic dog – a Parson Terrier that we named Piškot. He will not let us just enjoy sitting still, so we go walking for many kilometers with him around the fields and woods. I recently saw a magazine headline that read “Walking is the best diet,” but I say “having a Terrier is the best diet."

In her private life, Tina enjoys good wine and trips with her husband and their dog, Piškot (Biscuit).

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