I am so happy I have done this!

My name is Marcela and I'm 30 years old. I’ve decided to undergo an ear surgery with MediCzech at the OB CARE Clinic.

That's how the story of our client started, who underwent an otoplasty at our clinic. Ears sculpting is mostly performed on preschool children to save them from unpleasant situations and mockery from schoolmates. However, there‘s no reason why you couldn’t undergo the procedure at a later age. It's never too late to get rid of the splinters and regain the lost self-esteem. Get inspired by Marcela's story:

"My sticking out ears have been bothering me since I was a teen even though barely anybody can notice it. I basically never wear a ponytail and so I hide my ears with my hair. But I've come to a point where I’m done with hiding it. I’ve decided to go for an otoplasty now when I am thirty because, thanks to my ears, I don’t feel like I look feminine or mature enough.

Sometimes I need to put up my hair, especially while exercising but I do not feel comfortable wearing ponytail. I am fairly active and when I warm up I get red in my face and especially my ears. The combination of my ears sticking out and being very red is not appealing at all and it’s bothering me mentally too. So I rather wear a scarf or let my hair loose to cover my ears.

It would feel great not to think about my ears anymore, so I‘ve set my mind on the plastic surgery. I have decided on the OB CARE clinic because of its excellent references. I believe the surgery will go smoothly and I will not need to worry about my ears anymore."


Details about the procedure

The entire surgery was very pleasant and painless.

"I underwent the procedure on May 18, 2017. “Absolute satisfaction.” The operation itself lasted about 1.5 hours and was performed under local anaesthesia. After the surgery I got a bandage (black elastic compression headband) with square gauze underneath that needed to be exchanged during the first three days. Every time I changed the gauze I sprayed the scars with disinfection. I found the first and second day following my surgery slightly uncomfortable but nothing major. There’s an option of using painkillers that help with the discomfort almost completely. There was only one night when I couldn’t sleep properly. But then I slept normally and everything was okay."

I'm more than happy. My ears look natural.

"At the moment–it’s been 20 days since the surgery-I'm only wearing the headband at night. During the first two weeks the headband must be worn the entire time to keep the ears protected and let them heal properly. My ears do not hurt anymore; they feel like nothing has happened to them. I am massaging the stitches regularly so the scars can get absorbed as much as possible.   

I'm very happy with the results, my ears look natural and I feel like I've always looked like this. I highly recommend Martin Skala MD who performed the entire surgery. He has a very professional approach, is very skilled and empathetic."

I do highly recommend MediCzech and the OB CARE clinic :)

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