How we prevent complications in breast augmentation

It would be foolish to argue that plastic surgery of the breast is completely without risk. And it would not be serious, for each procedure is an intervention into the body and something unpredictable can happen. On the other hand, breast augmentation is a worldwide microsurgical technique. And we are happy to have with us some of the best plastic surgeons, Martin Skala MD and Lucie Zarubova MD. Their experience and delicate surgical procedure techniques are exactly the reason why complication of breast augmentation almost never occurs.

"Complications can be avoided with the implementation of delicate surgical techniques and ideas, aligning clients with real possibilities"

  • Using quality implants from trusted brands  
  • Gentle and precise procedure during the surgery  
  • Use of equipment that minimizes bleeding and leaves imperceptible scars    
  • Carefully answered questions and understanding of the client's wishes    
  • Explaining the real possibility of future appearance

Rupture or leakage of the gel from the implant, capsule, or capsule around the implant; calcification or calcification around implants; implant displacement; unevenness on the surface of the implant - this is a list of major complications that can occur during breast augmentation. Do you see what they have in common? Implant quality always plays a major role.

Therefore, it is very important to work exclusively with the highest-quality implants available. For example- Mentor implants, which are among the best on the market; or Nagor implants, which are just as high-quality but are economically more favorable. Read why we trust just them:

Our plastic surgeons use Mentor and Nagor implant brands, which have a lifetime warranty on rupture - one of the most common complications during breast augmentation.

"We know how to make the operation as gentle as possible."

When you come to us for a consultation, the doctor will carefully explain the process of the operation. There are sometimes complicated medical terms, but these terms will also be fully explained. You will learn, for example, how space is created for the implant. Cautery will be explained, which means nothing else than that your wound will bleed less and tissue is not bruised. You wil learn that the wound is closed with an intradermal absorbable suture, which in reality means that the resulting scar will be tiny, almost imperceptible. We will also insert the implant above or below the muscle, according to what is best in your particular case. And you will learn a lot more. The end result is always that you know all the facts and can be sure that our doctors are doing everything to ensure your satisfaction and health.

Also radiologists have a long experience with implants. So you do not have to worry about future mammographic examinations.

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