Healthy snacking? It is possible

The evenings are dangerous. After a demanding day it's tempting to reward yourself with something „good“and the fatty sausage, chips or chocolate that you've been avoiding for a long time might end up in your stomach. How can you resist evening pitfalls and avoid snacking? 

If you feel like snacking after dinner, there's a good chance that you haven't eaten your dinner right. Nutritionally balanced dinner is the first step to avoid snacking. Those who neglect regular daily eating regime - skip snacks or a proper lunch are endangered even more - their body might feel like catching up and the content of the whole fridge is in danger. 

Healthy snacking? It is possible. 

If you can't help yourself from snacking, avoid at least fatty meats, large amounts of alcohol and sweets. Learn to snack healthily! You can downsize the energy income to half and feel less guilty. Swap salami for fresh cheese/cottage cheese dip with fresh vegetable sticks and candies for dried fruit. You will not only chase away the sweet tooth but thanks to fiber you will improve your digestion. Dried fruits contain important minerals, micro-nutrients and antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals. They also provide vitamins like potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin A. 

Dried fruit might be tricky

Even dried fruit can't be consumed in unlimited amounts. The drying procedure downsizes the amount of water and causes higher amounts of sugar levels in the fruit. The little pack you get in the store is a snack with high calorie levels. „Choose dried fruit without added sugar“ warns Karolina Hlavata, a professional sponsor of „I know what I eat and drink“. The best is organic dried fruit without added sugar, not sulfurous. If you buy sulfurous one, give it rinse in hot water before you eat it. Watch out for mold and always make sure to keep the fruit protected from humidity.

Similar conditions applies for nuts. The most desirable are unsalted and not roasted nuts. One portion should be around 25 grams - that’s a small fistful. It's good to accompany the nuts with good green tea, that will provide your body great amount of antioxidants. Great snacks are also sprouted legumes - mungo beans, lentils and peas. Following our ancestors habits you can roast them gently and add little bit of paprika to flavor. If you like spicy food you might enjoy pickled veggies and for those who like to stuff themselves it is the best to try a big bowl of salad-but be aware of adding no more than a soup spoon or even better a tea spoon of good quality oil.  

Tips for how not to snack 

The easiest is not to have any snacks in reach. 

If you can't avoid it, eat food at a table rather than take it with you to the sofa. 

Balanced meals during the day help to downsize cravings. 

Try to keep a schedule of 5 - 6 day - meals with 2,5 - 3 hour break.

Concentrate on fiber.

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