Story about a fulfilled dream!

Petra’s story started in the middle of 2012:

“I had just celebrated my 40th birthday and finished my third maternity holiday. This period was very busy, full of the stress connected with long term breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the consequence of this period was obvious. My figure and breasts had changed a lot. I was overweight and had sagging breasts.

All my life I wished to have a beautiful and sexy body, one in which I can be proud of myself and feel self-satisfied. I felt I had to change something in my life. Moreover, this could not be simply a small change, it needed to be a complete transformation from the basic. This was the reason I decided to change my lifestyle and rhythm. In April this year, the mission was finally completed. Although it was not easy, I reached it: I have fulfilled my dream.“

Breast augmentation with MediCzech       Breast enlergement with Martin Skala 

Firstly, Petra tried to lose weight on her own without any assistance from a specialist. Although she changed all her eating habits, started to exercise, and even used expensive cosmetics, she did not achieve the expected result. She felt very disappointed and lost her motivation. Later, Petra tried to lose weight again. She tried to lose the weight differently, but her efforts were still unsuccessful. Due to the failed attempts, Petra’s friend decided to help her. She introduced Petra to the OB Clinic and her specialists. With their help she finally achieved her goal to lose the excess pounds and reach her goal weight. Futhermore, she was able to keep the goal weight for a longer time. It was the result of the right personalised combination of her new lifestyle and new eating habits. 

“The first goal was completed! I lost 10 kg! I felt comfortable and self-satisfied,“ said Petra.  “Futhermore, I enhanced my self-image and self-confidence. Finally, there was just one more small treatment step to complete my dream. The procedure would change my deformed breasts caused by long term breastfeeding. I couldn’t wait.“ 

Petra had cosmetic surgery – breast augmentation - at the OB Clinic in April 2014. The head of the surgery was MUDr. Martin Skála, the director of the plastic surgery department at the OB Clinic. “Healthy physical self-confidence is projected onto our mental condition,“ says MUDr. Skála. Petra was very satisfied with her new and fantastic-looking breasts a few weeks after the surgery. Petra added that it was something like her secret bra. 


Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a very common and quick procedure. Usually, the patient stays overnight at the clinic. Breast augmentation involves surgically inserting silicone breast implants behind the natural breast tissues to increase the size of breasts. Breast enhancement procedures are performed to create better symmetry and make the breasts larger, firmer and fuller. The right type, size and shape of breast implants is discussed during the personal consultation. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesics. Petra, as well as all clients, had to pass several pre-operative tests, which are a normal and integral part of the preparation for cosmetic surgery.

       Breast augmentation with MediCzech  

According to research, every fifth woman is dissatisfied with her breast size or shape. Therefore, it is not suprising that Petra decided to make the change. She made the important decision to solve her body concerns with cosmetic surgery. 

Petra has always been dreaming about a beautiful, sexy dress. She could not wear this kind of dress before the treatment. Nowadays, she is at her dream weight and she can confidently wear very attractive clothes. Moreover, she feels much more attractive for herself and for her surroundings. “Look at my pictures and you can form your own opinion. I think MUDr. Skála is just an artist!“ Petra said. 

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