Cons of Combining Multiple Plastic Surgeries

When considering cosmetic plastic surgery (especially multiple procedures), safety is crucial. All surgery carries risks, and extreme plastic surgery ups the ante. One of the biggest concerns is that the cumulative effect of multiple procedures performed during a single operation may increase the potential for complications and the recovery process is more complicated and demanding.

Another is the risk associated with extended time under general anesthesia because the longer a patient is under, the greater the risk for cardiovascular complications and the longer the recovery period. Safety, rather than number of procedures should be your number one concern.

So, it is important to clearly emphasize that each procedure that you are considering is a surgery–surgery is a serious matter with respect to the procedure itself as well as its recovery. 

While there isn't a time limit per se, being under anesthesia for more than 5 to 7 hours can bring on increased risk for recovery. This is a particular issue when two major invasive procedures are combined. The really dangerous time limits are up to 10 to 12 hours of surgery that combine major procedures like abdominoplasty, breast surgery, and a face lift. 

If you are considering having multiple plastic surgeries at the same time, consult it with our plastic surgeon who's experienced in the combination of procedures you're seeking and discuss each risk and advantages and disadvantages of combining or separating these procedures. You must also understand that if you have any underlying health condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes all bets are off as far as multiple surgery. You may need to have each procedure separately. 

As rewarding as a complete transformation may be, it's critical that you know all the risks and benefits going in. Combining a few minor procedures is certainly safe when there's a time limit that's appropriate on anesthesia, and when the patient is a healthy candidate. 

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