Christine and her life change with the OB Klinika


Christine: I won a new life! 

Christine struggled with obesity for her entire life. "During pregnancy, I weighed a record 133 kg (21 st). I was often tired, had no energy to care for my son, and I felt desperate. I decided to go for gastric plication at the OB clinic, and it was one of the most important and best decisions in my life,” recalls Christine.  
"I grew up in a house with both parents and grandparents. During that time, I only ate goodies and not very healthy meals. Then I moved back to my mom's and continued with these bad eating habits. I was never a skinny kid and my "feeding" culminated in obesity and a two-month stay in a sanatorium, where I lost 10 kilos (1,6 st). In the following years, however, I was again faced with the repeated yo-yo effect. The turning point came again in pregnancy. I gained many kilos and began to think seriously about the need to treat my problem of obesity. I suffered from back and joint pain. I hurt my knee and I often could not rise from bed in the morning. I was a very sad sight, and I was just 27 years old! I had a complex about my character, and when I went shopping for clothes I wanted to cry every time. The selection in sizes 52-54 was absolutely awful (now I have size 40/42).

How I contacted the OB clinic

The first and most important step I took was in April 2014. I contacted the OB clinic. After several entrance examinations and consultations with the experts there, I decided to undergo gastric plication. I organized it all in my head and was set on succeeding. I knew that surgery alone would not be enough. I had to follow a strict diet and learn discipline. When buying food, I carefully studied composition and began to measure portion size. After the operation, I started exercising slowly and after a month joined a gym. I went swimming regularly and took long walks with my son. I practiced every day at home with an exercise ball. The operation changed my life, and I feel much better. The back pain and joint pain are gone. I finally have the energy to play with my son and it's great. 
I know that I have not completely won, but I have the joy of life and it can be seen surrounding me. Currently, I am looking forward to the summer. I will choose a new swimsuit and really enjoy the great feeling of not being ashamed of my body. My whole family is proud of me. They were all a big support for me and they helped me to win! I am so grateful to them for that and I am very happy. Also, I am tremendously proud – I did it, I won a new life!!  
For those looking to tackle obesity, I would like to send the following message: "I did it, and you can do it too! Thank you, good luck, and from my heart I wish you success. It's not easy but the results are worth it, believe me!"

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