Beautiful neckline without risk

How to choose the right breast implant?

Do you desire a lovely neckline which can can be achieved with plastic surgeons, but you put it off due to lack of information? Would you like to have the desired result of choosing the perfect breast implant, but you do not know where to focus in making your selection? The following text will help answer your questions:

1. Price versus quality

The price can tell you a lot about the quality of implants. Do not be fooled by claims that they are all the same. Really good implants are the result of extensive research and proven certifications given only to companies that comply with strict standards. Price, therefore, reflects the full range of processes that ensure superior quality and thus safety for you, the woman. Cheaper implants are lacking in these guarantees. The question is whether to save or invest in your health and safety.

 2. Security Guarantee

After past cases of implants filled with silicone rupturing, it is important to consistently pay attention to health risks. Today, only renowned implant manufacturers certified by the FDA have ongoing independent studies that examine the long-term safety of the product.

The studies are of selected clients with augmented or reconstructed breast implants, who are observed long-term after surgery. This makes such implants predictable in reactions in the organism and thus safer for the woman. Cheaper implants are not supported by quality research.

Also, lifetime warranty programs will tell you about the quality of implants, as well as the attitudes of the manufacturer.

 3. FDA Certification

In the market, you will find mainly implants marked with the European certification CE (incidentally, also PIP implants have CE certification), but only a few meet the stringent standards of the US FDA. Such certified implants are the most proven implants in the world.

 4. Why cohesive gel

Breast implants are now filled with different materials (saline, silicone gel, or combinations thereof). In terms of safety, silicone are best-known (cohesive gels) - even when tampered with, the implant stays intact. (Figure 1)

 5. How to reduce the risk of postoperative complications

An important criteria in selecting a suitable implant is the shell and finish (texturing). Implants with an optimally textured body are better accepted by the body and have reduced risk of complications (such as capsular contracture). Clinical studies have shown that in the long-term, statistically the lowest incidence of this complication is reported in MENTOR breast implants with Siltex surface.


6. Made in ...

A good guideline for selecting implants is also the location where the production is carried out. Nowadays, many producers make breast implants in countries outside of the EU or the USA (eg. in Costa Rica or in Asia) because of the cheaper labour force, plus these countries more widely implement manual production. In contrast, manufacture of implants in developed countries is mechanized and passes multistep manufacturing process controls, so the final product is of 100% quality.

7. How to choose the right size and shape

Breast implants are round or anatomical and come in many size variations. The plastic surgeon will help you choose the best size and shape for you. Based on extensive experience, the surgeon will recommend the right type of implant to match your physical constitution.

There are also programs which allow you to use your own photo to change your appearance and discover which size suits you most.

8. Beware of misleading information

In an effort to create the illusion of a quality product, some manufacturers include extras which are not meaningful to product value - for example, using a large number of layers in the packaging of the implants. What matters is not the number of layers but the quality of workmanship. Do not be fooled!

9. Certified Plastic Surgeons

If you want to be satisfied with your new breasts, you must entrust your care to a certified plastic surgeon. Remember that not every clinic can boast attested specialists.

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