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MediCzech team

4. 10. 2021

David's Story - My wife’s recovery was also excellent, and it was so nice to have the procedures and recovery together. I couldn’t recommend Dr Skala or his team more highly, there are all exceptional and so well organised. More here. 

22. 4. 2021

Obesity is not just a problem of the size of clothes - The story of Miss Romana, who lost 30 kg due to professional care and surgery.

15. 1. 2021

What to expect after breast augmentation - We do not decide whether or not to undergo plastic surgery in one day. It is usually a long-term desire that needs to mature and is influenced by a number of factors. 

4. 1. 2021

Happy New Year 2021! We all hope you are healthy and safe and we will be able to welcome you soon again in Prague! 

9. 11. 2020

He certainly has the magic touch!  - one personal experience with breast reduction with doctor Skála. 

30. 9. 2020

60 kg lost in 10 months! - Tereza managed to decrease her weight from 133 kg to 74 kg and get her BMI to 25, i.e. the normal range.

3. 9. 2020

Working at the clinic as a customer manager? Have a short closer look into the clinic environment. Read here. 

15. 7. 2020

New Regulation at the Clinic - you will need a negative Covid-19 PCR test when coming to us for a surgery in general anaesthetic. 

16. 6. 2020

Nice breasts are still in  - More and more women choose to undergo breast augmentation or remodelling. While any rejuvenation surgery requires the woman to reach certain age, women may long for larger breasts from the moment they discover that their breasts won't grow bigger. 

12. 5. 2020

Happy to announce an opening from July 2020 

23. 3. 2020

COVID-19 outbreak at the OB Care clinic - please read carefully! Please follow all our instructions to keep our clients virus free. 

22. 1. 2020

60 kg lost in 10 months! - “I managed to lose weight…” This is how the happy story of patients coming to the OB CARE plastic surgery clinic starts. One of them is Ms. Tereza.

7. 1. 2020

Why to choose anatomical Mentor implants?  Anatomical breast implants by MENTOR are becoming increasingly popular. More than half of women globally have chosen implants by MENTOR. 

29. 12. 2019

Happy New Year 2020! 

2. 8. 2019

We are very happy to introduce you new member of our team Adela. We hope you will stay devoted to Mediczech as we are prepared to offer even better services than in the past! Also our Customer Manager Tina Halirova is back and working part time for us again. Welcome back, Tina! :-) More about our new member here.

19. 2. 2019

We are happy to announce we have won Treatment Abroad Patients' Choice for 2019!  

20. 11. 2018

Meet our new colleague Tereza  - we are happy to introduce you our new member of Mediczech team - Tereza. 

23. 10. 2018

Trust the surgeon you have chosen, advices our client Katka. To make a decision to go for a plastic surgery is a long lasting process, that has its own development. It took a few years for our patient Katka until her conviction was so strong that she just had to do it. What things were the most important for her decision, what influenced her opinion about the doctor, the brand of implants or post-operative care? She revealed everything in our interview.

28. 8. 2018

Nice looking breasts are still trendy!

Undergoing breast augmentation (enlargement or remodeling surgery) is being chosen by more and more women. Needing a rejuvenating facial plastic surgery comes with "mature" age, but having bigger breasts is usually desired by every women from the moment she realizes that hers won't be getting any bigger.

3. 7. 2018

Story of David - Desired six-pack

We can read the story of Jan who shared his impressions of liposuction of the abdomen with us. It was not entirely for free  and we do not mean just money.

21. 5. 2018

The Gastric Balloon has changed my life!

I had my procedure at the end of September 2017. The placement of the balloon took approximately 30 minutes. I was completely anesthetized by a mask and stayed for one night at the hospital.

16. 4. 2018

Breast augmentation: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Breast enlargement is one of the TOP treatment at OB CARE clinic.

13. 3. 2018

Interview with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Skála 

People will be always interested in plastic surgery.
Small breasts, loose eyelids or excess fat in trouble areas - these are the most common reasons why women are increasingly looking for plastic surgery services.

19. 2. 2018

The story of Laura about breast augmentation with Mentor implants

After giving birth followed by nursing my breasts changed significantly and so I didn’t hesitate to undergo breast surgery.

15. 1. 2018

Welcome our new colleague

We introduce our new German-speaking colleague Michaela.

9. 1. 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

5. 12. 2017

New photos of our plastic surgery department

We have added three more patient rooms at the beginning of 2017. Now we present them in full beauty. Also our waiting room is newly painted into blue.

10. 10. 2017

The story of Mrs. Jitka

Mrs. Jitka visited our clinic a few months ago and she decided to share her experience with plastic surgery. She underwent a facelift with a neck lift- so called rejuvenation of face and neck with upper eyelid surgery.

6. 9. 2017

I am so happy I have done this!  

That's how the story of our client started, who underwent an Otoplasty at our clinic.

21. 8. 2017

Is it a new push up? Not at all. These are perfectly fitting NAGOR implants. Read more.

13. 7. 2017

Do you love berries? We do and we know why. Check more information now. Enjoy your summer :-)

6. 6. 2017 

Welcome to Open Day at the OB Clinic! 

15. 5. 2017 

Post-operative garment significantly affects the outcome of the surgery!  - We asked Martin Skála MD, head of cosmetic department at the OB Care clinic.

23. 3. 2017 

Our top procedure - breast augmentation. Learn more how we prevent complications after this surgery. 

1. 3. 2017

We are happy to introduce another member of our team - Jana. She is in charge of German speaking clients so if you don't speak German, you don't have to read further:-) 

3. 2. 2017

Welcome in new 2017! Are you the right candidate for a cosmetic surgery? If you don't know, check our new article here

29. 11. 2016

As Christmas time is coming, we have prepared small gift for you - special offer on SPATZ gastric balloon. This offer applies only for one day - 12 December 2016. More here

  1. 11. 2016

    Meet another member of our team - Eliska. She will take care of you in Prague during your medical stay. 

4. 10. 2016

Cons of combining of multiple cosmetic surgeries - When considering cosmetic plastic surgery (especially multiple procedures), safety is crucial. All surgery carries risks, and extreme plastic surgery ups the ante. 

7. 9. 2016

Are you thinking about breast surgery? Then you should read this - importance of pre-operative mamogramm or ultrasound

24. 8. 2016

Learn more about healthy snacking. Our nutritionist Karolina Hlavata advices how not to snack.  

15. 8. 2016

Welcome to our new responsive Mediczech website. We are more than happy that we are able to provide you even better and newly-arranged information about our services. We want you to celebrate with us and we have prepared a special offer.  

10. 3. 2016

Interview with Tina - Tina Halířová, the first person you meet at Mediczech (OB clinic). Please familiarize yourself with her.

"As Customer Manager, it is in my heart for you be satisfied, it doesn´t matter where you come from."

29. 1. 2016

Meet first member of our team - Karolina your persional assistant

"Well, the best part of my job is to see people happier."

11. 12. 2015 

Beautiful neckline without risk - How to choose the right breast implant? 

Do you desire a lovely neckline which can can be achieved with plastic surgeons, but you put it off due to lack of information?


23. 11. 2015

Christine: I won a new life! - if Christine could do it, you can too! 

20. 10. 2015

Jitka and her story with gastric band  - another story of successful life change. 

24. 9. 2015

Slavek after gastric band surgery  - check first of our patient story series. Learn more and start your new life with MediCzech. 

26. 8. 2015

How Do I know that I Need to Lose Weight?  Learn more about this topic and for those who find their answer yes, we have prepared a surprise. We have even better prices for you on all bariatric treatments starting September 2015. Coming soon! Check our Offers!

6. 8. 2015

We are back after holidays but still working on delivering the best services for oyu at our OB Clinic. We are happy to introduce another new member of our plastic team.

Meet our MD. Lucie Zárubová, specialist on happy endings.

15. 6. 2015

Look forward to visiting the dentist!

Do you dread visiting the dentist in advance? Is the sound of drills like torture for you? If so, you probably do not know about the dental clinic Dental Office H33. Forget the frightening hospital environment and unhelpful staff. 

22. 5. 2015

Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Interview with Tina Halirova, Customer Manager at MediCzech

4. 5. 2015

Surgery abroad sounds great but...

Lot of people forget that aftercare is just important as the treatment itself; if you speak of any cosmetic surgery or bariatric treatment. You come home and a complication can develop. What are you going to do now?

14. 4. 2015

How to eat properly when having troubles with sleeping

Quality sleep is one of the main needs of the human body. Lack of sleep leads to a lot of problems. 

4. 3. 2015

Remove Obesity from Your Life, says Prof. Martin Fried

„When you compare the population without obesity to those with obesity, those with are 8 times more likely not to reach an average life expectancy, and are likely to die on average 10 years sooner.“

13. 2. 2015

OB Klinika trusts Implants by Nagor

At OB Klinika, we only work with the best quality products and materials. When we have the opportunity to work with even better and safer materials, we do so! 


4. 2. 2015

Story about a fulfilled dream!  

Petra had cosmetic surgery – breast augmentation - at the OB Clinic in April 2014. The head of the surgery was MUDr. Martin Skála, the director of the plastic surgery department at the OB Clinic.

6. 10. 2014
Bariatric treatments with discount now!  

7. 4. 2014 
Breast Enlargement for 2,400 GBP (2,920 EUR)

5. 2. 2014 
Motiva implants - new implants just for you!

28. 11. 2013 
Christmas Offer 2013