Silicone breast implants are safe

If you bet on quality.. 

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is one of the most spread plastic surgery  in the whole world. The reason is obvious. Thanks to that treatment women‘s dreams about a perfect look and an ample bossom can be fullfillled. Indeed, during one night their desires become true. Moreover, modern medicine enableswomen reallya wide range of silicon breast implants. It offers to choose from more than one hundred types of implants. Due to it, each woman can choose the suitable size and shape individually. Particularly, the silicone implants belong to the most disscused area where you can find many question-marks. These questions are often the reason why women have worries and doubts about the procedure.

If you desire for perfect breast however you have some doubts, just read the article and you will see.

If you have quality silicone implants, you can not be afraid of the rupture.

In an unnamed publication we often find the dramatic causes connected with breast implants. Tittle of the article: the ruptured silicone breast implants and afterwards destroyed life. Firstly, really very scarred because of the tittle we started to read this article and afterwards we realise the author talks about one special and unique case unnaturalenlargement. The article contains a number of misleading statements and facts. However the reality is different.

The most modern implants are filled by a safe silicone cohesive gel. The gel has the unique atribute quality. It creates a single monolithic but not fluid matter, which shapes the breast absolutely naturaly. In the case a capsule is damaged by a sharp item in your body is made a fix matter, which will not fluid anywhere. However, the risk of the rupture of these quality implants is really rare.

In stress test (made by the specialists), the silicone fillers are exposed to extreme conditions. The implants are stretched out on 450 % of the original size repeatedly. The implants  are exposed to stattic pressure about 600 kg weight. After these tests the capsule must always be absolutely undamaged. Nowadays the guarantee of quality is the certificate of American institution FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

Myth which scares the future mothers.

We often meet with the statement that the silicone implants restrict or furthermore not allowe breast-feeding. This statement is really untrue. The breast implant is always placed under the mammary gland, so the production of milk is not limited. In some cases, the breast-feeding mothers meet with the temporary numbness of the nipples. In that period there can occure just only one risk and it is the esthetic problem. During the breast-feeding the shape of your breast is changing. So some of women decide to go on in remodellation surgery, which very easily turns back their original shape.

Prestigious brands garant safety. 

You should prefere the certificate and worldwide known producers. In that case it is really important what brand you choose. Our specialists from the OB clinic have the best experience with these worldwide brands of breast implants:

Breast implants MENTOR

MENTOR is one of the biggest producers of silicone implants, who achieved the certificate of quality from American instution FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This certificate is not common. These implants are high-class quality with the provement of the lowest  occurence of post operative complications.

Breast implants POLYTECH

The German producer of the high-class implants, who gained the CE cerificate quality like the first one. Polytech has still passed the most strict norms in the world.

Breast implants NATRELLE

The prestigious American producer of the breast implants, which has more than 30 years long experience in that industry. From that collection you will choose for sure. It contains more than 500 types of implants.

Breast implants MOTIVA

Because of Establishment Labs experience and success in advanced product design and development, technological manufacturing and product support, Motiva Implant Matrix® Silicone Breast Implants represent the most innovative implants available today.

It is obvious, each treatment has the risks. For sure the augmentation is not an exception. If you choose the high-class clinic and top or quality implants you will almost eliminate the risks. So, are the breast implants safe? The answer is yes, do not be scarry.

We have already given you the basic argument.


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