• Why should I get my treatment in the Czech Republic?

    The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union since 2004 and meets the highest standards of health care. While the high quality of medical institutions and doctors’ qualifications have given an excellent reputation to the Czech Republic, living costs comparatively low; keeping the prices for services and staff salaries competitive. You get the best quality for less money. At the same time, Czech professionals are used to treat foreign patients; and they are aware of their particular needs, especially being away from home..

  • Why should I get my treatment with MediCzech?

    MediCzech will ensure that your treatment in the Czech Republic may be a pleasant experience in every aspect. We only work with the best doctors and carefully selected clinics. We offer constant support and advice throughout the process: during your decision making, throughout your stay and in your state of health after your departure. We will organise your transfer and practical matters, accompany you to the clinic and arrange for any other services you might be interested in (tourism, cosmetic services, business matters). With MediCzech you can also expect complete transparency and no hidden additional costs.

  • What accreditations do MediCzech clinics have?

    All clinics MediCzech works with have the accreditation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. OB klinika is also awarded as a “European Centre of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Treatment of Obesity”. It is the first clinic in the Czech Republic to be accredited by the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (European Chapter) and to be awarded as a “Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery”. It is an international bariatric training centre for Johnson and Johnson. OB KLINIKA is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

  • What accreditations and experience do MediCzech surgeons have?

    In the Czech Republic, no doctor can become a surgeon without a legal attestation. This means that after six years' university study and a three-year practice period, the doctor is required to do a five-year period of further training and practice, then pass an exam. You can always be absolutely sure that you will be attended by a surgeon with a specialisation such as general surgery, plastic surgery or orthopaedics. What is more, all our partner doctors have professional experience from abroad (normally from the USA or UK) and they do further training, participate in professional congresses and internships and are members of international surgeon associations such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the International Society of Surgery.

  • How can I be sure that the price I am quoted from MediCzech is the final price?

    You can find an indicative pricing guide with the usual price for each treatment on our website. However, we know that each treatment is highly individual and at the same time you have your own idea of your stay in the Czech Republic. That is why we give you the final price once you discussed your requirements with MediCzech and a surgeon. Thus, you can be sure that the price you receive from us is the final price adjusted to your needs. Contact us with all the details, and we will send a quote with no hidden additional costs to you.

  • What guarantees of quality and durability do I have?

    The way towards the patient’s satis­faction starts with the very first query. We pay close attention to identifying factors that might lead to possible complications. We understand that complications may occur and that is why we try to avoid them by a complete anamnesis (preliminary case history) and corresponding diagnostics. We also clearly inform the patient what postoperative instructions should be followed in order to ensure the optimum and the most durable results. If the client is not happy with the result, we make sure that the surgeon suggests a correction either through a re-operation or another method if appropriate.

  • How many patients have been treated with MediCzech?

    Our clinics treat thousands of patients every year. We carefully supervise the quality of service and care at all our clinics, updated with its accreditations, surgeons and clinical team qualifications.

  • Who will take care of me if I in case of need for assistance after the treatment?

    A MediCzech team member - patient coordinator - is always available to our patients if assistance is required; this is normally the same person who provided you with all information after your arrival and accompanied you to the clinic. That means the patient coordinator is there for you also after the treatment if you need any help. We can also arrange any other activities upon your request.

  • What happens if complications occur during the treatment?

    Our clinics are ready should any complications occur – they are fully equipped with modern technology and they have excellent teams of professionals. If the client faces a really serious complication, we collaborate with a nearby state faculty hospital where the patient can be attended.

  • What happens if the surgeon considers that I cannot be operated on for some reason?

    There is only a minimum risk as this situation is usually avoided by the consultation before your arrival. The surgeon carefully considers all risk factors and evaluates your state of health according to the facts in your medical questionnaire. We are very meticulous over this step. In case you are still worried by the possibility of this problem, you can have your preoperative consultation done with your general practitioner at home. All details will be provided by our customer manager. 

    If, after all these precautions you arrive in the Czech Republic and it is impossible to operate, you will not be charged for the treatment and your only costs will be those related to travel, treatment organisation and preoperative consultations.

  • What if I need a consultation with my surgeon once I return home?

    Although you will take all necessary documentation for your doctor at home with you, you can always contact us and discuss any unexpected or unusual symptoms or changes.

    Two to three months after the treatment we will contact you again in order to discuss your postoperative condition – your surgeon in Prague will evaluate the results. In case of plastic surgery, it is advisable to send pictures so that our surgeons can also evaluate the aesthetic effect.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the result of my treatment?

    Given the quality of preoperative analyses and consultations, this situation is uncommon. However, if you are unsatisfied after the operation, you can contact your surgeon at any moment and discuss all your questions. If necessary and adequate, the surgeon will take the adequate steps towards rectification – through an operation or by other means.

  • How can I pay for my treatment?

    The first payment is the deposit payment, which can be done by bank transfer or credit card. The rest of your treatment cost will be paid directly at the clinic before the treatment – usually by credit card or, if you wish, in cash (GBP, EUR, CZK).

  • What deposit do I need to pay to make a reservation of my treatment with MediCzech?

    In order to book a date, you will be asked to pay an average deposit of 500 GBP (500 EUR) and pay for other requested services such as accommodation. You can make the payment online with a credit card or by bank transfer to our account. Contact MediCzech for further information after discussing your expectations and requirements and having an email consultation with the surgeon.

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