What Is It?

There is a whole range of products (“fillers”) available that can be injected and used to fill in wrinkles or tighten skin, which loses its elasticity and firmness with age. This is a temporary method of wrinkle correction because the material is eventually absorbed by the body. How long the effect lasts is entirely dependent on the type of material used. The longest effect duration can be expected in cases when the body’s own fat is transferred; this is also the method with the lowest possible risk of allergic reaction.

The substance most commonly used as filler is hyaluronic acid. Depending on the kind of wrinkles and their location, the doctor will recommend a substance with smaller or larger gel particles and the corresponding product (Erelle fillers).

Botulotoxin is used to prevent new deep expression lines from being formed – it both fills in the existing lines and temporarily blocks neuromuscular transmission.

Excessive perspiration can really be an unpleasant and annoying problem. MediCzech treats excessive perspiration through botulotoxin applications. Most frequent areas for treatment are armpits, palms and feet.  

How Is It Done?

In the case of dermal fillers, the product is injected with a very thin needle. 


Injectable local anaesthesia or an anaesthetic lotion is used to numb the treated area.

After Treatment

Swelling is to be expected; this subsides after a couple of days.

Back To Normal

Following uneventful recovery, it is normally possible to return to work and resume normal activities within two to three days of the operation.


The advantage is the absolute lack of scars. 

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