We will arrange for a professional airport transfer to your hotel or apartment, a MediCzech representative will be on the phone or will welcome you personally; and will be ready to help you with anything related to your treatment or other services and needs. Your MediCzech representative will accompany you (usually the following operating day) to the clinic, introduce you to your surgeon and make sure that you are comfortable, receiving high-quality service and a detailed explanation of the treatment. The medical staff will give you a consultation and perform all necessary tests.


As soon as the tests are evaluated and are clear for the treatment to go ahead, the surgeon performs the surgery. If the procedure requires no overnight stay, you are transferred to your hotel or apartment soon after the operation; otherwise you stay at the clinic according to the surgeon’s recom­mendations. In both cases you will receive a list of postoperative instructions; the doctor will personally and clearly explain how to proceed with these to achieve the best result. Throughout this stage, a MediCzech personal assistant is always fully available to you.


You will normally stay in the Czech Republic for a few more days, according to your surgeon’s recom­mendations – this is in order to rest, let the wounds heal and have further checkups, if required. Usually on the third or fourth day after leaving the clinic you will be released and all necessary documentation for your doctor back home will be handed in to you. You will be escorted to the airport at your scheduled departure. 

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