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  • MediCzech is a trademark of Progress Medical, a.s., with company registration number 284 75 682, registered in the Czech Republic, with registered office at Lazarska 13/8, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic. Progress Medical, a.s. is a majority owned subsidiary of Progress Medical UK Ltd, with registered office at 132 Cromwell Tower, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8DD, United Kingdom.

Customer enquiries and questionnaire

  • MediCzech will make its best efforts to respond to every enquiry by all persons interested in its services (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) at the earliest moment possible. Communication with the Customer(s) will take place primarily through email or telephone and documentation shall be provided by email. Upon receipt of an enquiry, and prior to booking the treatment, MediCzech will request the Customers to complete the standardised medical questionnaire (hereinafter referred to as the “Questionnaire”) and provide photos and other information necessary to consider the Customer’s re­quested treatment.
  • The Customer must complete the Questionnaire and provide other requested information accurately and completely by the requested dates. The Customer acknowledges that failure to do so may result in the inability to undertake the treatment. MediCzech is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s failure to complete the Questionnaire and provide other information accurately and completely by the requested dates.
  • The Questionnaire will be provided by the Customer to MediCzech, who will make it available to its partner clinic(s), with which MediCzech has a contractual relationship concerning the provision of medical treatment (hereinafter referred to as the “Clinic”).
  • The Customer acknowledges that MediCzech and the Clinic will be handling the medical data of the Customer, which may be covered by various medical secrecy provisions, and authorises MediCzech to handle this data. MediCzech will treat any information submitted by the Customer in the strictest confidence and will share information as necessary only with the Clinic.

Proposal of treatment

  • MediCzech will provide the Customer with a personalised proposal for treatment and services based on availability at the Clinic. MediCzech will provide the Customer with descriptions of the relevant treatment(s), including cautions and considerations, which the Customer is obliged to have read and understood prior to any treatment. Whilst MediCzech continually updates its website and other documentation to reflect the most accurate and current information available, no rights may be derived from the contents of the website, from the documentation downloaded from the website, or received by email. Descriptions, pictures, and examples of treatments shown on the website of MediCzech are merely representations of treatments that can be arranged and MediCzech will not accept liability for the inaccuracy of such information.
  • MediCzech will request the payment of a deposit in order to confirm a booking. The deposit is to cover the administration and preparation procedures undertaken by MediCzech in connection with the Customer treatment(s) and other services, where applicable. The deposit amount represents a percentage of the cost of the requested treatment(s) and other services required. The deposit will be clearly specified in the proposal. The payment can be done by bank transfer or by credit/debit card. The balance of the amount payable for treatment(s), after deposit, is payable at the Clinic on the day of treatment, on the terms specified in the proposal.
  • The Customer may accept the proposal via email, or by payment of the deposit. Acceptance of the proposal signifies the Customer having read and accepted these terms and conditions. MediCzech will make every effort to hold the appointment for 3 working days, but the appointment is finally confirmed only once the deposit has been credited to the MediCzech bank account.
  • Upon payment of the deposit, MediCzech will provide the Customer with a confirmation email or letter, which then serves as the receipt for payment received. MediCzech will make its best efforts to remind the Customer to make any further due payment(s) resulting from the booking on time; however, the Customer assumes ultimate responsibility for making such payment(s) as required and specified in the proposal.

Travel arrangements

  • Travel arrangements to Prague, the Czech Republic, are the responsibility of the Customer unless specifically agreed with MediCzech otherwise. The Customer assumes responsibility to ensure that adequate travel insurance is arranged and that all relevant matters are disclosed to a relevant insurer (including the fact that medical treatments may be undertaken as part of travel). Any quotation of costs by MediCzech does not include, unless specifically stated, allowance for food, drink, incidental expenditure, transport, or other expenditure of this nature.
  • The Customer shall assume responsibility for securing all necessary permissions, visas, and documents to enter the Czech Republic. Citizens of certain countries may require visas to visit the Czech Republic. EU citizens and citizens of many other countries do not require a visa to visit the Czech Republic.
  • The Customer is responsible for arriving on time for appointments. No responsibility is accepted for late arrival of the Customer, for the Customer missing their flight, for late arrival of connecting aircraft, for delays at check-in, or any other circumstances instigating or influencing the Customer’s ina­bility to arrive for appointments.


  • The Customer’s contract is with the Clinic for all treatments undertaken. MediCzech does not hold any medical qualifications and is not liable for the work of the Clinic. The Clinic provides various guarantees on treatments undertaken according to their specific terms, conditions and guarantees. The exercise of guarantee claims is done between the Clinic and the Customer. The Clinic guarantees are to be claimed in Prague, and do not include compensation for travel and accommodation costs incurred in order to make a guarantee claim.
  • MediCzech will give instructions to the Customer for pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures and care. The Customer shall assume responsibility for following such instructions. MediCzech shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s failure to follow these instructions. MediCzech shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in the event that the Clinic decides for any medical reason that the Customer is unfit to undergo treatment.
  • If, as a result of circumstances beyond their reasonable control, MediCzech has to cancel or significantly change a booking or treatment after confirming the booking, MediCzech will offer the Customer alternative arrangements or cancel the booking or treatment (and provide a refund). However MediCzech will not be liable for any compensation, expenses, losses, or any other amount, or otherwise accept responsibility beyond that of any deposits already paid.

Responsibilities and limitation of liability

  • MediCzech’s res­ponsibility is to arrange for the treatment for the customer and thus is not itself providing the Customer with any goods or services in the capacity of a principal. Clinics and other providers, like hotels, provide all goods and services to the Customer, including consultations, treatments, accommodation, cultural events, sightseeing tours, activities, and travel. Clinics and suppliers are not sub-contractors to MediCzech which is merely the agent of the provider of those goods and services and does not make any express or implied representation or warranty that any goods or services provided by the Clinic and its suppliers, to the Customer will be fit for the required or desired purpose or delivered by them with reasonable care and skill.
  • Neither MediCzech nor any of its officers, employees, or directors are qualified to provide information in relation to any medical procedure. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that MediCzech (or any of its officers, employees, or directors) has not offered any advice or expressed any opinion that a reasonable person would consider to be advice or an opinion in relation to any medical procedure (including with respect to any risks, side effects, or otherwise).
  • MediCzech does not accept any liability of any nature for the acts, omissions, or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of the Clinic, and its suppliers, with respect to the provision of goods and services to the Customer directly or indirectly in connection with any service organised by MediCzech on behalf of the Customer. MediCezch does not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses, or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are unpreventable on our part. MediCzech will not be liable for damages from any event that was unexpected or could not have been reasonably foreseen.

Cancellations and refunds

  • In the event that the Customer wishes to change the booking after issuance of the confirmation by MediCzech, then the Customer must notify MediCzech by e-mail of the desired change. Whilst MediCzech will make its best efforts to process the requested changes, any such changes shall be initiated at the discretion of MediCzech. No changes shall be considered confirmed until MediCzech issues a revised confirmation showing the changed arrangements. MediCzech will charge CZK 1,000 (approximately EUR 40) for administration of the change. Amendments to bookings may give rise to changes in the deposit required and, in these cases, such changes are not valid until MediCzech acknowledges receipt of the balance of the deposit.
  • In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel a booking, they must notify MediCzech by e-mail. The cancellation may result in cancellation fees, depending on the time of the cancellation. The cancellation fees will be deducted from the deposit collected upon making the reservation and the balance of the deposit will be returned to the Customer within 5 working days of the cancellation. Additionally, if MediCzech has arranged for accommodation for the Customer, cancellation fees for the hotel bookings will be based on the particular hotel’s cance­llation terms and conditions. Such payments will be also deducted from the deposit received and the balance returned to the customer within 5 working days of the cancellation. Should the sum of due cancellation fees exceed the amount of the deposit paid by the Customer, the balance must be paid by the Customer within 5 working days of notification by MediCzech.
  • Booking cancellation fees are set out below. If cancellation is received:

- prior to issuance of the confirmation: no fee
- more than 21 days prior to the date of treatment: 10 % of the deposit or the minimum of 100 GBP
- 20 to 7 days prior to the date of treatment: 50 % of the deposit
- Less than 7 days prior to the date of treatment: 100 % of the deposit

  • If the customer arrives in the Czech Republic as scheduled, but is more than 15 minutes late for appointment for reasons not caused by MediCzech (for example, is late to the pick-up point, or travels to the Clinic alone and arrives late) then MediCzech and the Clinic may cancel the appointment with no obligation to refund any fees paid.


  • These terms and conditions govern and are an integral part of the contract between MediCzech and the Customer. This Contract is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. This Contract only comes into existence when confirmation is issued to the Customer by MediCzech.

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