The story of Mrs. Jitka, who rejuvenated her face and neck

Mrs. Jitka visited our clinic a few months ago and she decided to share her experience with plastic surgery. She underwent  a facelift with a neck lift- so called rejuvenation of face and neck with upper eyelid surgery. The facelift has an impressive impact on appearance enhancement. It doesn’t affect facial expression. The result is very impressive but feels very natural.
-Tina Halířová, customer care manager

The OB CARE plastic surgery clinic was recommended to me by my friend who had a very pleasant experience. I decided for a facelift and an eyelid plastic surgery more than a year ago but I didn’t have enough courage to go for a consultation even less to undergo the procedure itself. I was afraid not only of the result; it was about my face and eyes-but also of the pain after surgery. And believe me, it was absolutely unnecessary! Everything went very smoothly and it was not that painful.

"Immediately after the consultation I got the date of the surgery!"

Right after the first visit I felt great about Mrs. Tina Halirova and Dr. Martin Skala.  Such a professional and kind approach is not something you see every day. Dr. Skála explained to me everything and patiently answered all my curious questions. He is such a calming individual.

Mrs. Halirova went with me through all the organizational matters and set the final price of the whole procedure. I left the clinic with the date of my surgery feeling calm and convinced that I was in the right place-modern, clean and pleasant environment with nice staff. The very same evening I received in my email a confirmation and detailed information about the process and I could start to look forward the procedure.

Mrs. Jitka: "After years I’m once again experiencing a time when I look at myself with a smile"

On the day of my surgery, an assistant Karolina was waiting for us at the main reception of the OB CARE clinic. She took care of us until the beginning of the surgery and also helped us with filling out the necessary paperwork and answered our questions. Last but not least she helped me feel less anxious while waiting for the final consultation with Dr. Skala.

She was our support and helped us not to be so nervous, she was just amazing ☺. Then a very nice nurse came and gave me a premedication and I went to the theatre. After getting conscious again, I felt no nausea or pain, only fatigue, and had my head was wrapped up.

Mrs. Jitka: "During the first week I felt like I had light flu, it was hard to stay rested. Swelling was noticeably disappearing every day more and more. Attached bellow is a photo from the 6th day after the surgery. I was using icepacks for my eyelids and occasionally my eyes were teary but there was no major swelling or pain. 14 days after the surgery I was back to normal life only masked with glasses and scarf."

It’s been two months since the surgery and I feel overwhelmed. There are few numb spots around the scars and I feel like the results are getting better and better every day." After years I’m once again experiencing a time when I look at myself with a smile"

Finally, I would like to thank again to Dr. Martin Skala for the great work and warm approach and the same applies to all the staff at the OB CARE plastic surgery clinic.

Thank you!

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