Silhouette Lift

Who Is It For? 

Withered face and deepening wrinkles on the face does not have to always lead to facelift surgery. Recently there has been an increasing popularity of lifting methods performed on an outpatient basis, which uses threads. This method replaces the scalpel and it prepares the skin to produce more collagen.

This type of lifting is particularly suitable for younger ages. It is appropriate and desirable for women and men. Threads are able to shape the contours of the face, the corners of the mouth and to raise eyebrows and cheeks. This method can also fill out the wrinkles in the face and also pull the skin on the neck. 

This type of lifting is suitable and desired for both women and men. This method can be used in all age cathegories. 

How Is It Done? 

Mini Silhouette Soft invasive methods are based on a special fixation technique that ensures the results, for the price of just few minute painless treatment under local anesthesia.

The method Silhouette Soft uses fully absorbable fibers with counter-sided cones and needles, to help implement these fibers. This application requires no cut and the entire treatment is actually completely noninvasive. The fibers are absorbed during several months, but along with it comes the formation of collagen network.

The components of these yarns are natural and fully resorbable. Produced in the United States, and its development is based on six years of experience in sewing suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.


The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. These threads are implemented into the skin by small punctures with a fine needle to depth of about 3-5 mm, no cut necessary. These threads are actually very fine fibers which are streaching out the skin and promote the formation of new collagen.

After Surgery 

The client can go home immediately after the procedure. Recovery is minimal, it takes about a week to 10 days. The client will have to wear elastic bandage for first week. During first two weeks should not be performed any facial and dental examinations because of maximum mouth opening. A little discomfort at the place of aplication can take a maximum of one to two weeks.

Back To Normal

Another two weeks the client rest and should avoid heavy physical exertion. The client can return to work the very next day. 


If necessary, it is possible to simultaneously apply fillers and botulotoxinum. The procedure can be repeated every two years to maintain the contours and strengthen the SMAS.

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