Egg Donation

Suitable for women who cannot produce their own eggs, produce low quality eggs or cannot become pregnant despite using stimulation drugs. Egg donation cycles usually have a fantastic success rate (about 65 %) and we have found solutions for many infertile couples. 

The package price includes:

-          Fertilization via the ICSI method

-          Prolonged cultivation of embryos to blastocyst stage

-          Monitoring and consultations with doctors

-          Stimulation medications for the recipient

-          Selection, testing, compensation and drugs for donor

-          Compulsory pre-treatment tests

-          Infectous diseases testing (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)

-          Sperm collection, sperm analysis (spermiogram) and sperm freezing for 1 year

-          Ultrasound examinations during the treatment

-          Transfer of 1 – 2 fresh embryos


Extensively screened for genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases - young and healthy donors mainly composed of high school or university students. 

Sole match cycles - one donor to one recipient.

Short waiting time for finding the right donor. 

Egg donation is legal and safe in the Czech Republic. And anonymous. 



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