Surgical Lip Augmentation

Who Is It For?

A lot of women think that their lips are rather thin and indistinct and they dream of full voluptuous ones. Although nowadays there are many products that can be injected in the lips in order to make them look fuller, these methods are only a temporary solution. The product is eventually absorbed by the body and the lips get back to normal. However, there is a permanent solution – surgical lip augmentation. 

Get Prepared

Make sure you will get time off work (depending on the operation and the nature of your job). You will need support and help from the family and friends in the recovery period (avoiding physically demanding jobs, important social events etc.); if needed (and possible), arranging  for children care.  

No acute illnesses should occur in the period of at least 3 weeks prior to the planned surgical lip augmentation (a viral illness, a cold etc.). If so, it is necessary to inform us.

One week before the operation, do not take any medications containing acetylsalicyclic acid (such as Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.). It might increase bleeding during and after the lip augmentation surgery.

Ideally, one month (minimum two weeks) before the procedure women should stop taking hormonal contraception or replacement in order to prevent thromboembolism.

Consult your GP or your surgeon in Prague regarding other medications you take regularly. Bring your usual medicine and pills, if possible in the original packaging.

It is recommended to stop or considerably reduce smoking two weeks before the operation. If you are a smoker don’t forget to bring nicotine patches with you.

Ideally, women should not have their period when operated. If they do, they need to inform their doctor.

How Is It Done?

Incisions are made on the inner side of the lips, the surrounding mucosa is released and the adjacent tissue is moved up.


Lip augmentation surgery is performed under local anaesthesia or by client’s request under intravenous sedation, which is more comfortable because the patient sleeps during the operation. It usually takes one hour.  

After Surgery

The client stays at the clinic overnight. As swelling is to be expected for several days, the use of cooling compresses is recommended.  It is also advisable to have spoon food for two to five days, pay attention to good mouth hygiene (mouth washes) and not to move the mouth unnecessarily.

It is absolutely necessary to keep the area clean. Rests of food should not get into the scars on the inner part of the mouth. It is also important to clean the teeth carefully up to five times a day with a soft toothbrush. It is also advisable to rinse the mouth up to five times a day with a chamomile infusion (decanted, with no small parts left).

Post-operative Instructions

Possible Complications

Post-operative bleeding, or bleeding caused by insufficient post-operative care at home

Swelling, Prolonged healing, Haematomas, Infection of the wound

Imperfect effect resulting from non-observance of the post-operative instructions 

Back To Normal

Following uneventful recovery, it is normally possible to return to work and resume customary activities within two to three days of the operation.


Given the fact that the incisions are made on the inner side of the mouth, no visible scars remain. The resulting effect is permanent.


If you would also like to fulfil your desire to look younger, you can combine this operation with the use of injectable dermal fillers – your face can look several years younger after the treatment.

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