Whitening Procedure

Who Is It For?

Dental enamel is naturally white, and underneath is dentine, which under normal circumstances is yellow, but can take on a yellowish-brown colour due to various influences. The resulting colour is a combination of the appearance of the enamel and dentine. The colour of the enamel may also change – as a result of smoking, drinking red wine or ageing. Whitening toothpastes are not sufficient in order to rectify more pronounced changes of pigment, and professional whitening procedures are required.

How Is It Done?

Teeth whitening in dental office

The main advantage of teeth whitening in the office is that the achievement of visibly lighter shades of your teeth is almost immediate. This whitening procedure is divided into two phases.

The first phase takes place in our dental office. The special bleaching gel is applied on the surface of the teeth. This process is repeated four times after each 15 minute period, and the effeciency of the gel is accelerated by a special light source (such as a UV or LED whitening lamp) with a cold light. Afterwards during the second phase, it is important to maintain re-bleaching at home for four days using custom bleaching trays, which are made by your dentist individually. You can use them for other potential whitening in the future.

Our two phase whitening method is a reaction to actual legislation, which protects a patient and takes into a consideration the highest possible concentration of  hydrogen peroxide, which is used for bleaching (in office and home alike) in the amount of 6 %.

The main advantage of this combination is nearly zero sensitivity of the teeth. It is very gentle on your teeth during and after the treatment.

Unlike all previous methods, there has been a significant reduction in the time that it is neccessary to keep the white diet - from 24 – 48 hours to just 6 hours after office bleaching and 3 hours after home bleaching.

Home Whitening

The main advantage of home whitening is the low price and the minimal time spent in the office. If you decide for home whitening, you just need to arrange a meeting with a dental hygienist. During this visit the hygienist mades individual custom bleaching trays, which you will take home immediately. Using trays is very simple. Within two weeks you can expect a beautiful white smile.


According to the method the procedure resides in the application of protective materials to the face, lips and gums, application of the gel and exposure of the teeth to a cold light. The procedure lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

When bleaching is not recommended: Bleaching is not recommended for people under  18 years, those with dental decay, gingivitis, or during pregnancy and breast feeding.


According to EU regulation (31. 10. 2012) the concentration of H2O2 in a bleaching compositions must not be  higher than 6 %. The bleaching agents Philips ZOOM combines active substances ACP (amorphous calcium fosfate), Potassium nitrate, and fluorite which helps to protect and nourish the enamel. Futhermore it prevents increased sensitivity and makes the surface smoother.

After Procedure

It is advisable to refrain from smoking and excessive consumption of coffee, tea and red wine for the purpose of prolonging the effect.


The result is strikingly whiter teeth, rid of pigment into the structure of the teeth, without causing damage thereto.

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