Who Is It For?

Ceramic facets are a suitable solution for clients who suffer from insufficient dental enamel on their front teeth or an unfavourable position thereof.

How Is It Done?

Ceramic facets are thin ceramic strips which are applied to the frontal face of the teeth. The dentist first of all lightly files the teeth and takes a cast of them, on the basis of which ceramic dental facets are made to the client’s measu­rements. The produced dental facets are glued to the teeth.


Filing and application takes place under local anaesthetic and thus involves no pain.

After Procedure

It is necessary to ensure perfect dental hygiene and to exercise caution when biting into very hard food.


The result is an excellent and natural appearance of the teeth and correction of cosmetic deficiencies. The life span of the dental facets depends on the patient’s care of the oral cavity, but is usually within the range of 5 to 15 years.

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