Removable Dentures

Detachable prosthetic replacement teeth are a solution for patients for whom it is not possible to produce fixed bridges due to extensive damage to teeth or parodontium. They replace the entire set of teeth (full replacement) or only certain teeth (partial). During a consultation the type, material and suitable shade shall be recommended.

Partial dental replacements are affixed to the remaining teeth. A cheap alternative is the use of metal clips, in which affixing is less firm and in which the clips also prize apart and cause wear to the healthy teeth. More expensive but far superior and of better aesthetic quality is the production of a quality skeletal replacement attached by in-cut connections, which are less visible and place less strain on the remaining teeth.

Full false teeth are mounted onto the toothless jaw after the loss of all teeth. They can be chosen from two types of materials – resin or ceramic false teeth exist. Ceramic replacements are aesthetically superior and more durable.

A special type of full false teeth is a “hybrid replacement”. A device enabling firm affixing of false teeth is mounted onto implants or a number of the last remaining teeth after treatment – the entire system is slightly similar to patents. An advantage of these types of false teeth is the resulting appearance, as well as a high degree of stability and good fixing. It is necessary to check the condition of the replacement and also the floor beneath it – replacement of the in-cut connection is necessary for maintenance of the hybrid replacement due to wear, as well as the supplementing of resin into the prosthetic replacement in the case of deterioration of the bone underneath.

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