Full Ceramic Crown

Who Is It For?

In the case that a ceramic facet is not the solution – due to larger loss of dental tissue caused by extensive decay, after chipping or breaking of tooth or treatment of root canals, the solution is the mounting of a full ceramic crown, with the root and part of the tooth always remaining. The crown covers the entire tooth and thus replaces its function.

How Is It Done?

Minor surface treatment is applied to a tooth with filing, and a cast of the tooth is taken. According to this cast the crown is then made to the client’s measu­rements in a laboratory, then tested and if applicable further adjusted, and then mounted.


Filing is performed under local anaesthetic and involves no pain.

After Procedure

It is necessary to take extra care of oral hygiene, particularly in the area of the neck of the tooth, where the edge of the crown is located and which is more susceptible to the occurrence of tooth decay. In the case that oral hygiene is neglected there is a risk of inflammation of the gums.


The result of the procedure is a very natural appearance of the tooth. Ceramic crowns are very close not only to the appearance of actual teeth, but also have similar properties (contract in the cold, expand in warmth, let in light). Ceramic is hypoallergenic, and thanks to modern technologies also guarantees greater durability.

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